Content Blossom Announces Re-Launch of Website

“Content Blossom’s newly updated logo”

After 3 years of ranking websites for clients and adding over a million dollars to their bottom lines, SEO and Content Marketing Agency Content Blossom announces that it has made a series of updates to its own website, Like, finally.

Among the most impactful changes made to the website are:

• A homepage link to the founder’s LinkedIn Profile that doesn’t 404. The LinkedIn profile itself still hasn’t been updated since 2013.

• The addition of a logo to the website. According to Content Blossom founder Brandon King, “To date, the entirety of our ‘brand’ has been built on delivering exceptionally profitable SEO campaigns to our loyal base of customers. But, it was time to add a logo to the damn site.”

• A series of Services pages explaining what Content Blossom does

• An updated Results page where Content Blossom uses quantifiable ranking increases to convince you of its SEO bad-assness

• Removal of the insignificant but kind of annoying “Powered by Genesis” link in the footer

The Content Blossom team recognizes that these changes are basically meaningless, as ultimately the only thing that matters is the results delivered to clients. That said, the team is happy to be a little less embarrassed when showing the website to prospective SEO customers.

According to founder Brandon King, “The new website represents a turning point for the company now that I can comfortably share my company’s URL without fear or embarrassment that prospects would evaluate my abilities as a digital marketer based on this less-than-stellar showpiece.”

The Content Blossom team would like to restate its commitment to avoid endless tinkering of the website while focusing instead on using SEO to make Content Blossom clients more money. Content Blossom plans to finally start building links to the site late 2017, with its first ever favicon scheduled to drop sometime in 2020.

Media Contact
Company Name: Content Blossom
Contact Person: Brandon King
Phone: 4158003872
Address:412 N Main St Ste 100
City: Buffalo
State: WY 82834
Country: United States