Gaming and Simulation Company Seeks Out Strategic Investors and Business Overseas

Parkland Green, Singapore – 29th May, 2017 – TAG TEAM INC, a technologically driven company credited for their expertise in the world of laser tag. They are pioneers in the use of artificial intelligence machine learning through the field of neural networks, sensor technology, and embedded systems that revolutionized the game today. And are looking to expand their research and development and business overseas.

This company has continued to push the boundaries of both software and hardware through inventions such as its interactive video game ‘Ninja Squad’ as well as through its ‘Laser Drone Tag’ game.

The technologies and promise showcased by TAG TEAM INC have wowed the world over, and now the company is looking to expand overseas through franchise and licensing as well as provide solutions and technology customization to various enterprises that will benefit from their knowledge and research in the various fields mentioned above. Some features of the technology customization include: Hardware rapid prototyping; Simulation and training via virtual and augmented reality software; Integration of hardware and software and Gamification of user experiences.

They seek to expand from a “Business to Consumer” laser tag services company to a more “Business to Business” technologies company in a bid to advance, showcase and reel out more innovative technological creations as an emerging and groundbreaking technologies company. They have also started TagLearner Progammes with the vision to teach half a million children coding within the next 3 years.

With the use of laser tag in game activities and intelligence simulation, the company’s innovation has helped to make fun in a more realistic way and extend technology.

They are looking for partners and strategic investors that not only understand the potential of their technologies but also understand the vision of the company. As this will mark an investment and partnership in expanding their research and development as well as contribute to easing their entry into the international market. Currently, they have been awarded a contract by a law enforcement agency to create a customized simulation and training game; and that is just the beginning.

Tony Tan, Executive Director of TAG TEAM, had this to say, “We are excited to embark on this new journey. At TAG TEAM, our entire mission is technology. Through our innovative efforts to keep elevating the gaming experience at our two laser tag centers in Singapore, we have developed technologies which can be customized for beyond gaming, training and simulation. We possess the essential experience and expertise to work through even the most complex projects and develop the right structures to meet our clients’ objectives as well as requirements of the industry.”

For a company that has built its systems from scratch, the world can be rest assured that they are capable and have the knowhow to create some of the most incredible technological advancements.


The founders founded TAG TEAM headquartered in Singapore in 2011. Founders embarked on this innovative and technical creation when they noticed that parents wanted a more holistic way to play and bond with their children, and to get children to play and interact physically with each other rather than just immerse in computer / mobile gaming.

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Website: https://www.tagteaminc.sg/technology-customization

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