Iron Flag Company Announces Memorial Day Sale on All Products

The great American flag is hand crafted by the United States veterans at Nevada, Missouri & the company ships all across the US

Nevada, MO, USA – May 29, 2017 – Iron Flag Company has announced that they are offering special discounts with a limited time Memorial Day sale offer. The store that is a symbol of sheer patriotism and the American spirit has put all of its products under this Memorial Day sale. The Iron Flag Company is an American business owned by a US Veteran and all the employees working in the company are also US Veterans and patriotic Americans. The company specializes in the creation and sales of the National Flag of the United States of America that are crafted from solid iron.

“All our products are unique pieces of art that are signed, dated and numbered by the artist, Gerrad Vickers, a Former US Serviceman,” said the spokesperson of the Iron Flag Company. “All our employees are also US veterans and are still serving their motherland by creating irons flags that will last for eternity,” he added. According to the spokesperson, each product created by the company is unique and there will be no two flags similar to each other.

The American flag is the powerful symbol of Americanism and the American heroes took it not only to the Moon, but also to the places on earth where no man has reached before. This heroic symbol of the United States represents the unity among the states and one nation under God. The Iron Flag Company is entirely composed of hard working veterans that carve these flags out of iron to deliver these flags to the younger generation of Americans.

“Our flags are in honor of the men and women that served to protect our way of life,” said the Gerrad Vickers, the Artist and ex US Serviceman while sharing his experience of making these flags. “Our flags show the wounds and scars of mine and your grandfathers, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters,” he added. According to Vickers, these flags help a lot in reminding everyone about those who have fallen and those with scars that will never go away. User reviews and testimonials received by the Iron Flag Company have been phenomenal and people from all corners of the country have been ordering these flags for several occasions.

Products crafted by the Iron Flag Company include a variety of designs, but the Classic Iron Flag is one of the most popular flags made by the company. Each flag is 100% unique and is handmade with love and passion for the Stars and Stripes. Other products include Spartan Helmet, Iron Cross and the Punisher, all inspired by the US National Flag.

Based in Nevada, Missouri, Iron Flag Company ships these flags all across the United States and with heavy discounts offered for the Memorial Day, everyone now has a chance to get their Iron Flag today.

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