Announcing “Your First 30 Days,” A Step-by-Step Guide for Real Estate Professionals

Orange County – California – This workbook is for real estate professionals, and mega agents, and super teams, that will guide them through their daily activities during their first 30 days on the job. The goal of the book is to show realtors how to manage their career and avoid typical pitfalls, similar to having a coach or a mentor as a guide.

“Too many aspiring real estate agents find themselves out of business even before the time comes for them to renew their license,” says the author Julia “The problem is that many people only have a vague idea of what the real estate business is all about. They don’t understand that to succeed you must have milestones and a solid business plan to help you achieve those goals.”

To that end, “Your First 30 Days As a Real Estate Professional” consists of daily tasks and checkboxes to ensure that the required assignments have been accomplished. Each page consists of morning and afternoon duties to help find sellers, buyers and investors. A calendar, scripts for phone calls, reminders and frequently used real estate terms are included. Goals and setting gross commission income are also specified on a daily, weekly and month basis.

The ultimate goal is for the real estate agent to rapidly gain traction by contacting their sphere of influence, connecting with FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner), and contacting Expired Listings, and start to build a farm.

“There’s absolutely no guess work involved,” says the author Julia. “I see this as an industry standard workbook because anyone who follows through with every step outlined in the guide should succeed!”

“Your First 30 Days” is available at

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