Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu Studio Opens in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas – Martial arts have become a popular after-school activity. Prized for its emphasis on mental balance, self-control, and individual strength, martial arts are an excellent way to help a child stay active and learn self-defense tactics. Enrolling children into martial arts programs fills up their after-school schedules and submerges children in a unique culture and a new community of friends and role models. At Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu, the Sifu — martial arts teachers — highly value the important influence children can experience from martial arts for kids in Houston.

Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu is a newly opened martial arts studio in the Northwest Houston area. They specialize in Wing Chun Kung Fu, which is a type of Kung Fu designed for self-defense using both attack and grappling in close range combat. This style is often used for children as it is easy to learn and children can rise through the belts relatively quickly, enhancing self-confidence, solidifying skills in goal-setting, and encouraging the importance of hard work. The style emphasizes technique rather than size or brute strength, making it suitable for girls and boys of all shapes and sizes.

Kung Fu encourages and challenges children’s understanding of themselves, boosting self-control skills and discipline. Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu places a great emphasis on this aspect of the Kung Fu process. They teach a variety of physical and mental skills to children in the Cypress, Tomball, Klein, Spring, and Houston areas. Sifu Ramon Diaz, the lead Sifu of the studio, has over 45 years of martial arts experience, and has parenting experience through raising his three children in the martial arts. Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu additionally instructs the martial arts style of Filipino Kali, which is the national sport of the Philippines and uses weapon-based fighting using sticks as an alternative martial arts style. The Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu studio combines learning and fun to create an immersive experience of culture and physical activity, making it a strong new option for learning martial arts for children in Houston.

The Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu offers a free trial class for families interested in enrolling their kids in Wing Chun Kung Fu in Houston. For Martial Arts Classes for Children in Houston, Texas, consider the up and coming Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu studio.

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Company Name: Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu
Contact Person: Sifu Ramon Diaz
Phone: 2817965296
City: Houston
State: Texas 77069
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