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Essex, United Kingdom – When in the timber industry, one important aspect every company should invest in is a well-designed kiln. Kilns are used as a cost efficient method to dry lumber before selling to buyers. Dried lumber and wood sells for a profit that issignificantly higher than green lumber because it saves customers time and hassle of doing it themselves. So whether working with softwood, hardwood sawmills, pallet producers, or fencing manufacturing, investing in a great kiln is worth the search. Luckily, thanks to Kiln Service Limited, businesses won’t have to look too far for a trustworthy kiln manufacturer.

Kiln Services Ltd is a leading UK timber drying and heat treatment kiln manufacturing company that has been established since 1975. Each kiln is designed to give a great amount of flexibility to a company and ultimately create low-cost expansion. All kilns are known to be programmed with state-of-the-art computer programs guaranteed to provide any company with quality work and performance.

A log drying kiln from Kiln Services Ltd has the capability to hold a volume of material ranging from 20 to 100 cubic metres. Each kiln is heated with hot water and can be linked to log burning or wood chip boilers. There is a difference in fuel consumption from kiln to kiln so go to for additional options onkiln types that are the best fit for different companies.

The team at Kiln Services Ltd are experienced and passionate experts in the field of kilns and lumber. The staff is available to answer and address all questions and concerns of potential buyers before the initial purchase,and customers are urged to get into contact with them for any questions or concerns they may have.

Not only does Kiln Services Ltd specialize in kilns, but moisture meters as well. The moisture levels in wood are essential for a quality end product. Most problems associated with wood and lumber are related to its level of moisture. Kiln Services has gained valuable experience over the years to perfect their moisture meter for its customers. Go to for further details and accessories.

The team at Kiln Services Ltd also manufactures specialty wood drying kiln options for cases such as education or research facilities. Ultimately, kilns are a great resource for companies and are easily installed. Kiln Services Ltd offers potential buyers with a range of sizes to choose from to pick the best fit for their space.

Customers are encouraged to reach out to the Kiln Services Ltd staff today for further guidance and tips.

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