Jonckers Launches Newly Developed Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Engine

Brussels HQ, Belgium – Constantly at the cutting edge of localization and translation technology, Jonckers has recently launched their highly anticipated NMT Engine-offering a faster and more efficient way for international businesses to connect to their global audience. Neural Machine Translation technology has been on the radars of many international businesses for a number of years, but Jonckers newly developed, customized engine serves as a testament to the company’s longstanding commitment to advancing technology and continued status as an industry leader.

Since 1994 Jonckers has helped businesses expand globally, offering highly proficient translation services and localization technologies. Their new NMT Engine is the latest step in the company’s rich history of innovation, receiving widespread praise during testing and early launch. During the initial phase of testing, an expert language team evaluated the new technology and granted it full marks, reporting that it ‘exceeded expectation’; in fact, several of the evaluators praised it as ‘one of the best’ Neural Machine Translation engine outputs they have ever reviewed.

Jonckers’ offer customisable solutions that can cater to any industry or businesses looking to reach a global audience, while still honing in on the localised engagement that can generate leads. Many are already praising the Jonckers NMT Engine for its ability to deliver company marketing to market faster. With more accurate translations and speedier turnaround times, clients can get websites up and running, communicate campaign messages and improve global comms at a rapid pace in the most requested top 5 languages (French, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese). Whilst outdated translation services could cost a company a significant amount of resource and money, Jonckers aims to simplify the process, offering cost effective localization services, tailored to specific needs.

For over 20 years, Jonckers has offered the most efficient translation service on the market. They not only embrace technological innovation, but offer a wide range of support resources in the form of transcreatives, engineers and specialist language analysts. The company is proud to offer 24/7 support from a global network of qualified localization professionals.

Globalisation continues to drive companies to diversify and communicate their content to new audiences. With the need for quality translation services becoming ever more pressing, Jonckers has continued to evolve and provide an expert service coupled with state of the art technologies. With over two decades of success, the company’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, as their proven track record continues to help businesses capitalise on their global potential.

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