Rapid Growth Forces Vortexic Martial Arts Expansion of Dojang in July

29 May, 2017 – This week, Master Vigil and his wife of Vortexic Martial Arts, announced plans that the school has made to expand their Taekwondo school’s dojang. The expansion will encompass the adjacent space, which is currently occupied by Pointe Of Grace, a dance studio. By June Pointe of Grace’s new building will be complete and once they move, Vortexic MA plans to immediately start their expansion. Master Vigil also stated that renovations of the new space would be completed by the end of the summer. This expansion comes at a great time for Vortexic as their current dojang is bursting at the seams with new students and is a much needed reprieve for their packed classes.

After having spent 4 years living with and training under 9th Dan GrandMasters J.K. Choi and W.K. Choi, the Korean Military Academy, and with several Korean Taekwondo/Hapkido schools throughout Korea, Master Vigil decided to return to Katy. Master and Instructor Vigil’s mission along with their instructors is to provide the highest quality of martial arts training while positively impacting the lives of their students, clients, family and friends, and motivate their students to maximize their physical progress and mental development.


Vortexic’s Katy Taekwondo programs are aimed at improving the progress of every individual. They have well trained instructors who tirelessly help in unlocking the potential of every student who walks through their doors. Their programs are designed for people of all ages from kids to adults, and they are keen to make the students’ training a family affair. Based aroundeach student’s level of skill, their unique programs are designed upon years of experience and are an accredited curriculum.

To find out more about their training programs and to enroll, just visit on their website at http://vortexic.com

If your child is Pre-elementary age, Vortexic also offers a Tiny Twisters program which centers around kids who are between 3 to 5 years of age. This detailed curriculums aim is at enhancing the listening and motor skills of preschool kids. This program will help pre-schoolers to have an enthusiastic outlook on life and learn to be confident when interacting with others in society. These beginner classes are great for children who are home schooled, who lack the interaction of a day care or a traditional preschool environment.

Taekwondois an ancient Korean martial art that is well known for power packed punches and quick spinning kicks. The skills this martial art teaches, children from 5 years and on, helps in improving their physical fitness, self-esteem, and self-discipline. These skills combine to help students perfectly balance their personal and professional lives.

At 12 years old, students at Vortexic can enroll in their Hapkido program. Hapkido is a form of self-defense like Judo, that focuses on joint locks, throwing techniques and grappling, giving students a more rounded and versatile training. Along with Hapkido, Vortexic MA also offers several other advance programs designed for all ages and belt ranks. Qualified instructors offer weapons class, private lessons, sparring class, black belt class, demo team and competition team. 

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