Realty Scout: A Better Way for Real Estate Agents and Brokers to Connect.

NEW YORK, NY – 29 May, 2017 – Until recently, real estate brokers looking for talented and motivated agents in their region had to choose between cumbersome national recruiting websites that are used by everyone from restaurant workers to teachers, or local recruiting websites that are simply ineffective. On the other side, real estate agents in search of connecting with a broker would have to sift through complex fields to sort through opportunities that may be of interest to them, or, be faced with applying through websites that were outdated. That has changed with the introduction of a new niche website designed specifically to connect real estate agents and brokers. This new website is Realty Scout.

Realty Scout provides an innovative opportunity for real estate brokers and agents who are always looking for an advantage to help them accelerate their careers and build their real estate agency. Realty Scout is a better way for brokers and real estate agents to connect and grow together. It is designed specifically for those who have chosen to make real estate their careers. 

Realty Scout offers a targeted method in which brokers can recruit agents in their specific geographical area. It also provides a convenient, online vehicle for new and experienced real estate agents to locate opportunities that best suit their needs. Realty Scout is an excellent resource for real estate educational opportunities, financing resources, and proven tips and tricks for real estate professionals on all levels. It provides content that motivates, informs, and engages real estate professionals in a practical, easy-to-use format.

Brokers appreciate Realty Scout’s new, innovative platform that directly reaches real estate professionals. Since it focuses on those interested in real estate, brokers aren’t paying to advertise to those casually looking for “a job”. Instead, Realty Scout is laser-focused on real estate professionals interested in improving their careers and effectiveness.

For agents, it couldn’t be easier to find and apply for opportunities. Simply search by keywords, location, and apply instantly. Agents know they are applying for active opportunities in a geographic market of interest to them. While Realty Scout makes it simple, it still ensures that brokers advertising on the platform aren’t besieged by automated resumes from applicants with no interest in their opportunities. Realty Scout has been thoughtfully designed to be of great value to both brokers and agents ready to make a move to the next level.

Realty Scout is in a class all by itself, having been created by combining the experience and talents of a New York real estate broker and a Florida real estate agent. It was constructed from experience in all aspects of real estate. Simply put, it is a platform that makes recruiting and searching real estate opportunities a whole lot easier.

Brokers and real estate agents are encouraged to learn more about Realty Scout by visiting Realty Scout, Inc. located at 5 Penn Plaza, 23rd Fl., New York, NY 1000. They also can be contacted online. There’s a new Monster of real estate sales. Welcome to Realty Scout.

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