This Place is a Zoo Launches Blog to Share News

SEATTLE WA – 29 May, 2017 – A huge selection of stuffed animals are found at This Place is a Zoo. The animals cover the gamut of species that are found around the globe and are categorized to make it easier for people to find the right animal.

Wild zoo animals include those found in the jungle and the rainforest as well as African safari animals and stuffed monkeys and other primates.

Northern animals cover those in the arctic and tundra such as polar bears, woodland forest animals like a badger, as well as prairie and desert animals including a coyote.

This allows children of all ages to have realistic, stuffed animals that are just like what they saw at the zoo, in their backyard, or on their favorite TV program. The sky is the limit for these animals and the site covers so much more than the traditional bears and dogs that other toy companies offer.

This Place is a Zoo has recently launched a blog where they will discuss more details about their products as well as announce when new animals are being added to “the zoo.” It makes it easier for people to learn about the company as well as all that is offered.

As CEO and founder Kirk Larsen explains, “Stuffed animals meet a wide range of needs for your child. They can provide the comfort and security that babies and younger children need.” Animals come in various sizes and can be introduced to children at any age. “Our plush toys are some of the best and most realistic in the industry, and we pride ourselves on that.”

Many people are curious as to how the animals are made to so closely resemble the animals. Much of the company’s processes will be featured inside the blog.

This Place is a Zoo was created by an animal lover, for animal lovers. It allows people to be surrounded by the animals they love and within their own room or backyard. The realistic quality and natural feel of each animal is part of the company’s trademark. The company also has accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and stands behind all of the products that are created. Ordering is available online, by mail, and by phone.


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