Covering Toronto and Beyond: Pure AV Reintroduces Events Production Services

One of Canada’s biggest live event production companies, Pure Audio Visual is excited to announce a re-launch of its event production services. Having been in the industry for years now, the company has revolutionized the events production industry in the country, and it continues to expand.

The Toronto event production company is re-launching its services in the city and beyond, adding to its overflowing plate a list of services to target emerging markets. The company is adding to its packages services to cater for smaller events, while at the same time going deeper into the inner parts of Ontario. Part of what the company has been working on is a platform for other corporate entities to launch new products to the market.

In addition to what the Toronto live event production provider has been doing, the plan in place as mentioned by the company’s representative is to introduce pre-prepped PA systems for both large and small entities. The company is also looking at renting out its state-of-the-art DJ equipment and microphones, as well as lighting. The management has also segmented its services to cater to specific niches.

This development comes in the wake of the company receiving accolades for offering award-winning coverage for events and becoming a success in an ever-competitive industry. As the company grows in manpower, so have its wings, with its live event production services being available in several parts of Ontario.

About Pure Audio Visual

PureAV is an American event production that has risen over the years to become one of Canada’s best-known audiovisual production companies. The company, which started by catering to smaller organizations is now offering PA services to a larger audience all over Toronto.

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Media Contact
Company Name: PureAV
Phone: 1-800-929-7089
Address:7045 Tranmere Dr. – #6
City: Mississauga
State: ON L5S 1M2
Country: Canada