Los Angeles Towing Service provides towing facility using latest technologies

Los Angeles Towing Service is offering the latest advancements in the towing industry such as the heavy-duty towing and wheel lift system. The company believes in staying up to date with the latest technologies and evolving market needs so that the customer gets the best service.

The wheel lift system is one of the newest updates in the tow truck technology which can be controlled from the inside portion of the truck and deployed with a hydraulic power. Under this technology, the stinger, or the long arm part of the truck extends along the pavement behind the truck and attaches itself to back up the affected vehicle.

The hydraulics close the brackets while the bottom part of the two is lifted so that the drive wheels will come off the ground. At this time, the two trucks start to pull the vehicle. This technique ensures that there is no harm to the tires and the vehicle as well. A high-quality wheel lift towing services in Los Angeles, CA is essential to ensure that there is not further damage done the vehicle.

Heavy duty towing is offered by most of the towing services though it is important to hire a service that uses the latest technology and expert staff to tow a large vehicle since it is more prone to damage if not handled properly. Anyone who is in need of heavy duty towing in Los Angeles can look forward to Los Angeles towing service as it one of the trusted providers of heavy duty truck towing service. This type of service uses large tow trucks that are capable of towing large vehicle including tractor or RVs from one place to another.

Towing a large vehicle requires better technology and equipment which Los Angeles towing service is equipped with.The company uses well maintained and latest equipment for heavy duty towing to transfer the vehicle safely to its destination.

Customers can call at 888-866-7379 for heavy duty towing needs.

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