Ideal Transport for the Elderly: Airwheel A3 Smart 2 wheel Electric Scooter

Among various Airwheel intelligent electric scooters, the one suitable for the elderly is not difficult to find out. The advent of Airwheel A3 sitting-posture electric scooter becomes for a blessing to the elderly.

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The elderly is also an important potential consumer group. Among various Airwheel electric scooters, the one that is suitable for the elderly is not difficult to find out. Because of no supple body, they can’t master self-balancing electric scooters flexibly and they also can’t ride electric standing scooters for a long time. After all, standing-posture riding mode for a long time will make them fatigued. Such a stalemate is broken until the advent of Airwheel A3 saddle-equipped scooter, which can be hailed as the ideal transport for the elderly.

Airwheel A3 electric scooter with seat

Although the bicycle is a good choice, Airwheel A3 electric scooter with seat is much more labor-saving, which caters for the physical strength capability of them. The riding of A3 double-wheels electric scooter is controlled by five points, including two hands, two feet and hip. Thus, the old riders only can change the body gravity to realize various operations with ease. Comparatively speaking, sitting-posture riding mode can be more easily accepted by the elderly.

Three systems, including electronic brake system, adjustable hydraulic suspension system and automatic turning sensor system mounted on Airwheel A3 2-wheeled electric scooter ensure their safety, effectively strengthen the riding safety for the elderly. The electronic brake system provides prompt and accurate brake with 50mm stopping distance. The hydraulic suspension system is used to optimize and prepress road condition so as to offer stable and comfortable riding experience to the elderly riders. According to international standard design, the built-in turn light can induce steering automatically, which further enhances the safety of old riders.

Airwheel A3 two wheel self-balancing scooter

Airwheel A3 two wheel self-balancing scooter has made another brilliant achievement- an app connected to the scooter system installed on riders’ smartphone to provide real-time data. Of course, the old can benefit from the high tech development. To conclude, focusing on the development of safe, solid and people-oriented products, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is accepted by more and more young persons as well as the senator citizens thanks to its modern concise design and fresh comfortable user experience.

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