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The Autograph Game-Changer.
A baseball with a patented built in pen for autographing purposes.

“In The Ball”

The Autograph Game-Changer

The idea is simple, but how do you get a full size pen inside a baseball? We had to make our own pen! A pen that could fit inside a baseball and yet be big enough to sign an autograph. After two years of research and development and a lot of head scratching, we came up with the “In The Ball” telescoping pen that fits inside the baseball, and also telescopes into a full size pen! So we purchased baseballs from Rawlings and patented our pop up mechanism that would allow the pen and ball to function as one unit! There is soon to be an answer to “who’s got a pen” when trying to get an autograph.

So how did I come up with the idea?

It all started when I took my son to a baseball game for his 17th birthday and we witnessed an autograph signing go horribly wrong. A young fan tossed a baseball to one of the Atlanta Braves players to get his autograph, and then of course he had to toss him a pen. This is where the problem started. The player had no problem catching the ball but even a professional baseball player is not trained to catch a pen! After the player caught the ball and picked the pen up off the ground, he signed the ball and tossed the ball back to the boy. Now to get the pen back to the boy. When the player threw the pen back to him, it hit him right in the eye! This is when I knew there had to be a better way to get an autograph. In The Ball was on its way to being created.

Now we needed to find out what the players and fans thought of our product. I spent the month of March 2017 in Phoenix visiting all the Cactus League stadiums. The response was amazing! All the MLB players and fans loved In The Ball! We want to make getting an autograph from your favorite player faster, safer and easier for both the fans and players.

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A baseball game for a father and son is part of America’s pastime. For me, this will always be a very special game. I hope In The Ball can help families enjoy their experience at baseball games for many years to come. A special thanks to my son, Austin. Who’s ready to go to a ballgame!?

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