CANFIN Financial Group CEO Invited to Co-Chair and Speak at 15th International Forum for Convention of Independent Financial Advisors

Toronto, ON, Canada (May 30th, 2017) – The Convention of Independent Financial Advisors (CIFA) will host its 15th annual international forum, and Canfin Financial Group CEO, Tony Mahabir, has been invited to speak on two topics: Navigating Troubled Waters: Financial Advisor’s Role in Contemporary Times and Global Taxation and Cross Border Challenges for the Multi-National High Net Worth Clients. The CIFA event will be held May 30 – June 1 at Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Canfin Financial Group, the fully integrated wealth management advisory firm, offers much sought after solutions for clients that cover all stages of the financial needs cycle including: Savings and Investments, Wealth Management for both individuals and businesses, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Management Services, and Employee Retirement Packages and Benefits. Canfin also hosts the industry’s first virtual platform for financial planning called VirtualSage, a winning solution for eliminating all the negatives of meeting with an advisor in person without compromising the quality, care or fiduciary responsibility of its qualified approach to wealth solutions. Canfin’s unique business model allows them to create services and solutions for any budget and puts the client in control of how they work with Canfin.

Headquartered in one of the world capitals of wealth management, Geneva, CIFA, aims to strengthen the role of independent financial advisors at the international level in order to better defend the interests of investors. This year’s conference is focused on outside impacts to the industry, along with economic impacts, and brining financial advice to the next level. In addition to networking, industry leaders will speak on industry economic impacts, advanced financial topics, and client-focused practice ideas.

“CIFA annual forum creates a powerful platform for discussions covering all the key aspects of our profession,” said Tony Mahabir, CEO of Canfin Financial Group. “I am honored to participate in this event as it gives our industry a global perspective on the challenges we are facing and how we can address those challenges cohesively to benefit both clients and advisors.”

Mahabir’s participation will take place Thursday, June 1st, as Co-Chairman of the Day, moderator and speaker. During his first scheduled session at 9:40 AM local time, Navigating troubled waters: Financial Advisors’ role in contemporary times, Tony will be hosting as moderator. He will start discussions on globalization and market place disruptions where loyalty and trust have diminished but transparency is on the rise due to regulations.

Continues Mahabir, “Our industry is at war for growth with the only constant being change. To fight this war, we must raise the bar to be more ethical, professional, and client-centric by engaging client feedback and making changes accordingly.”

Mahabir’s morning session on June 1st is followed by a panel discussion at 3:10 PM during the Global Taxation and Cross Border Challenges for the Multi-National HNW Clients session. He will focus and emphasize on four key factors that make tax planning very challenging and treacherous for Multi-National clients:

  1. Taxation varies among countries – there are no universal  rules or guidelines
  2. Lack of awareness can be expensive – beware of double taxation
  3. Tax Systems can be contradictory and confusing – territorial /resident/citizenship based taxes
  4. Tax treaty’s may exist  – can be limited,  can help or hinder depending on goals and objectives


“Proactive planning is key when handling taxes across borders”, says Mahabir. “Advisors have to know what to look out for to avoid confusion and surprises.”



Canfin Financial Group is Canada’s premier wealth solution provider committed to delivering leading investment vehicles for wealth creation, management and estate preservation while reducing the tax impact on investments. Canfin’s unique business model offers comprehensive and integrated advice with the understanding that people don’t always need what they have. Its experts recommend quality products and delivers outstanding services, while looking at the broader picture and keeping in mind the best use of a client’s money. Canfin also provides an entrepreneurial opportunity for existing advisors, or those who want to enjoy a better quality of life by owning and operating a professional wealth management advisory practice. For more information please visit us at:

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