Leadership Development Firm The Avalon Institute Launching in June

United States Air Force Brigadier General John E. Michel (retired) announces the launch of The Avalon Institute, a leadership development organization positioned to assess, strategize and coach organizations for greater success.
By Zoey Thompson

The Avalon Institute is a 21st century partnership that specializes in leadership development, professional coaching, strategy, and business development. The company is proud to announce its official launch in June 2017.

Washington DC – Washington beltway firms are buzzing about the June launch of a new professional leadership development organization led by recently-retired United States Air Force Brigadier General John E. Michel and Washington, DC based entrepreneur Perry Smith. The Avalon Institute brings together an accomplished team of experts that include published author and military blogger Colonel Matthew T. Fritz, Harvard educator Dr. Mishe Serra, and Supply Chain entrepreneur Chris Lum. The Institute’s mission is to provide organizations with a proprietary mix of proven strategies and assessments that address critical leadership development issues—especially disengagement among Millennials, shown to be at an all-time high in the workplace.

“All of us at Avalon have experience leading complex change, as well as developing internal corporate human resource strengths. We understand the necessity of having the right people with the right information and empowering those individuals to go forth and lead,” says Founding Member General John E. Michel. “Our team and our strategies reflect our unique value. We bring experience, vision, and success to the table, and we’re ready to help translate these values to companies that need to engage their workforce and grow their business.”

According to major business and polling journals companies are going through a global employee engagement crisis. It has been long accepted that an engaged workforce is a productive workforce and yet the number of engaged employees hasn’t budged in over a decade. This is something Avalon believes they can change. The Avalon Institute team brings with them the domain expertise and knowledge to help tear down those engagement barriers, build leadership depth, and strengthen business development skills.

The Institute launches with offerings that focus on leadership assessment, coaching and consulting, as well as, tailored engagement workshops and conferences. Each of these services has been designed to help to identify areas for growth and position a company’s leadership for advancement. Their Roundtable™ team represents proven, verified thought leaders in corporate, military, and government spheres of influence. Each member brings the experience and resources needed to engage and build high-functioning, successful teams.

“Avalon has brought together one of the strongest team of professionals that I have had the privilege to work with,” says Michel. “We sought out the best so that we can provide our clients with the best level of service. Being invited to help a company develop their talent, build leaders, or grow their business is a challenge we take very seriously.”

Michel explains that all leaders and companies require coaching from time to time and that even the best of leaders will often plateau. It is then that coaches and leadership development strategies need to be employed to reignite talent and provide them with new skills and a new way of thinking. He believes that The Avalon Institute serves a unique and valuable purpose and is looking forward to the company’s official launch this June.

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