Lil’ Squirrels Preschool Announces Summer Programs for 2017

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Lil’ Squirrels Preschool, the leading preschool in Albuquerque partners with families and the staff to provide a safe, educational environment for kids to learn and grow. They have announced 2017 summer programs for kids of 5 to 7 years of age.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – May 30, 2017 – Being the leading preschool in Albuquerque, Lil’ Squirrels Preschool partners with families and the staff to offer a safe, educational and nurturing environment for kids to learn and grow. They have been in the industry for over a decade and emphasize the importance of creating an environment where children feel safe and valued.

“After 13 years of teaching in Albuquerque in the elementary classroom, I decided to continue my educational career at the preschool level. I saw the benefits with my own two children of developing their language skills and encouraging their love of books. I was determined to take my ideas and create an environment that was educational, nurturing, safe, and clean for other parents like myself,” stated Shirley Padilla, the owner of Lil’ Squirrels Preschool in an interview.

Now, they have announced their nine weeks summer preschool programs for 2017 for kids of ages ranging from 5 to 7 years. The main goal of this summer preschool programs is to keep school age children active throughout summer.

The nine weeks summer program begins on May 30, 2017 and ends by July 28, 2017, and includes a variety of fun events and activities to re-charge the kids energy level and grasping power.

The spokesperson of Lil’ Squirrels Preschool, the one among the best preschools in Albuquerque commented, “Our summer preschool program is a fun-filled, project based course that helps children improve their English, communication skills, memory power, creativity and more. We strive to hone their skills and shape them into a better human being with high level of discipline, kindness and humanity.”

The nine weeks summer camp includes various themes like sports week, a bugs life, space in the place, Jr. Scientist, underwater adventures, community helpers, literature week, wild animals, and Disney week. The registration fee for summer program 2017 is $55 only.

“My program focuses on communication, language development, and literacy. I hope Lil’ Squirrels Preschool can provide everything you would like for your child’s growth, development, and happiness,” added Shirley Padilla, the owner of Lil’ Squirrels Preschool.

About Lil’ Squirrels Preschool:

Owned by Shirley Padilla, Lil’ Squirrels Preschool, the leading preschool in Albuquerque works with the mission to create safe educational environment for children where they are valued, their physical needs are met, and feel psychologically secure.

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