Singapore’s Boat Lagoon Yachting – the region’s exclusive dealer of the prestigious Princess Yachts – is celebrating 23 years of operation

Cove Drive, Singapore – Boat Lagoon Yachting is one of Asia’s leading and largest yacht importation, distribution and after-sales service organizations. The company is known for representing some of the world’s most prestigious yacht brands such as Princess Yachts, Prestige, Jeanneau, and Wider. This year the company is celebrating its 23 years of establishment as well as excellent service and operations.

Boat Lagoon Yachting is a leading yacht seller because of its extensive, wide rangeof regional networking. The company covers areas such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Maldives. Wherever potential clients are looking to cruise to, the team at Boat Lagoon Yachting can get them there with no problem.

The team at Boat Lagoon Yachting includes 70 experienced individuals throughout the region as well as 10 full-time engineers and service team members. Each staff member has professional experience in their field of expertise to provide each and every client with a premium luxury yachting experience.

Whether a client is looking to buy a new or pre-owned yacht, Boat Lagoon Yachting has an abundance of boats in stock to scroll through and choose from. The service team is an immense help when looking for the perfect yacht between individuals, they are here to answer any and all support questions during any time and at the disposal of the client.

Since 1995, Boat Lagoon Yachting has been in the boat and yacht service and repair industry. The company has a great amount of experience in the commerce they contribute to and are reliable as well as quite professional throughout the whole buying and selling process.

The company has a superb boat service and repair facilities accompanied by its very own engineering workshops, which are equipped with suitable machinery and equipment. If a yacht comes to Boat Lagoon Yachting in need of a service, it is in good hands with the company’s specialist team.

The company offers professional training with their boat crew for people with all levels of expertise. This training is aimed to help clients grow confidence and skills on the water. The staff at Boat Lagoon Yachting takes pride and enjoyment in seeing customers’ progress and explore more distant destinations safely and securely.

Ultimately, Boat Lagoon Yachting is the yacht organisation to go to for all boating needs and wants. From services to purchases they dominate the industry and provide customers with premium luxury services in South East Asian. The company is known for its values of integrity, reliability, and passion.

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