Pegasun’s lab testing found their PC Cleaner to be able to clean the most junk files

Pegasun conducted their own lab testing comparing over 10 popular PC Cleaning software that are available for download to the public.The testing results showed that Pegasun’s PC Cleaner was able to clean the most junk files.

Phoenix, AZ – May 30, 2017 – Pegasun, a software company, has claimed in the past that their PC Cleaner is able to clean more junk files than any other competitors out there. They’ve recently created a lab testing environment and tested over 10 popular PC Cleaning software to see which one can clean the most.

The results showed that Pegasun’s PC Cleaner was still able to clean the most junk files.

There are many different PC Cleaners out there today. Some are popular, free, and works well. However, there are also many others out there just for the purpose of tricking consumers into a purchase even while the actual product barely works. From all the choices available today, it can get truly difficult to find the right one. The easiest solution might be to download and use the one that is the most popular or from a reputable company. However, on many occasions, even the most popular ones does not work the best.

This is exactly why Pegasun has decided to test the most popular PC Cleaners themselves. They wanted to find which one truly is the best at doing its job. The test consisted of creating a Windows® 10 virtual machine with tons of junk files and important files. The goal was to see which PC Cleaner is able to clean the most junk files while not deleting the important files. Their results showed Pegasun’s PC Cleaner performed the best. 

Ref Chowdhury, Founder of Pegasun said: “We’re not very surprised by the results. We’ve put so much work in to our PC Cleaner and polish it so well, we’re very confident in its ability to perform. Our PC Cleaner offer much more than just the regular PC Cleaning; it offers deep cleaning, privacy protection, and secure erasing.”

Pegasun PC Cleaner is available on their main website and is completely free to download. 

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Pegasun offers variety of vibrant software solutions that are designed to not only maximize the speed of a PC but also to accomplish a variety of other tasks such as clean up, tune up, backup, and securing a personal computer.

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