Content Marketing Crash Course eBook Challenges Website Owners to Improve

Search engines change how websites are ranked, this crash course eBook gives users more control.

COLORADO – 31 May, 2017 – There are over 220 million live websites on the Internet right now according to the Statistic Brain website. That number may seem impossible to understand. Companies such as Google have made industries out of helping Internet users find the websites that interest them. Google, and other search engines, act as a gateway to the Internet – holding quite a lot of power as they control what their users see.

The Internet is much more than simple search engines though and understanding all those platforms is the key to success. The Content Marketing Crash Course series will not only teach the basics of search engine placement but also how to bring in traffic from sources such as social media and video hosting services such as Youtube. Traffic alone will not retain readers, this course will guide users in the process of creating content that will keep readers coming back, sharing, and discussing the content.

The Content Marketing Crash Course eBook has been updated recently to include additional information for 2017. This online business training program features more than just the Crash Course eBook. Additional items now include Content Writing Pro Guide to help website owners create more compelling and interesting content. There are also two eBooklets included to help website owners maintain their content marketing and social media marketing tasks in check.

Search engines will only bring in a certain amount of traffic. People are kindred creatures as evidenced by social media. People want to be included with friends which means reading and discussing the same content. Today’s Internet is huge, no longer are users limited to finding content only by search engines. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc are all hubs that millions of people use daily – these are all potential traffic sources for your content. By producing content that is relevant to these platforms, Content Marketing Crash Course users will be able to increase their fanbase, following, and platform within these larger platforms.

“The course is packed with powerful information, and professionally created in a well-organized, user-friendly format to help you develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy for a solid foundation in your content related internet marketing plan.” – Author, Coach, Consultant, Founder/Owner of Western Slope Web Design Co, Tina Barnash

The Content Marketing Crash Course eBook comes with a 100% risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. Purchasing the Crash Course eBook during the introductory period will receive free lifetime updates to the course.

Copies of Content Marketing Crash Course eBook can be obtained from the Western Slope Web Design website. Purchases are handled through PayPal which is free and does not require an account.

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