New Blog Reveals Little Known Benefits of Massage Chairs

Nickerson, Kan. – To bring the benefits of massage chairs to light, Darren Anderson has launched, a blog that reviews the most popular chairs currently on the market. Through his new blog, Anderson hopes to educate others about what a regular massage can do for their health as well as help them find the best massage chair for their needs.

Stress is often underplayed in the modern workplace, but research has shown that prolonged exposure to stress poses a risk to a person’s physical and mental health. People are often praised for working long hours and pushing themselves to the limit to finish project after project, but the toll that type of work has on the human body is ignored until it’s too late.

Based on research and his own personal experiences, Anderson believes massage chairs can combat workplace stress and prevent serious injury down the road. The reviews of various massage chairs and their benefits presented on the blog are intended to arm shoppers with the facts so that they can make an informed purchase decision.

While he acknowledges that they can be expensive, Anderson is passionate about conducting massage chair research and reviews because he can relate to those who’ve suffered a work-related injury and are looking for noninvasive relief from the pain.

“I suffered from chronic backaches for years due to my job operating machines,” Anderson says. “I can’t explain how much the machines I have worked in had affected my joints and mostly, my back. As the years past, I realized the impact was extremely devastating and I got to the point where I could not sleep properly due to the pain.”

Anderson decided to start the blog after receiving a massage chair as a gift and experiencing the benefits firsthand. The idea to start doing reviews came when Anderson tried to search for information about massage chairs and was bombarded with options – hundreds of brands and models claimed to be the best massage chair, and no one was trying to verify those claims, so Anderson took it upon himself.

The launch of adds a valuable online resource for those suffering from workplace stress. Through the information and reviews presented on the site, Anderson hopes that both those looking to treat their chronic pain and those looking to prevent it will be able to find the best massage chair for their body and budget.

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