Email Service Launches Revolutionary AI-Powered Personalized Sending Feature

SendPulse Uses AI Machine Learning Technology to Significantly Boost Email Open Rates

One growing email campaign company is hoping to wield the power of artificial intelligence machine learning technology to improve the effectiveness of their customers’ email campaigns.

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SendPulse’s unique email platform now uses AI machine learning to enhance personalized sending, with the goal of boosting open rates. The key goal of SendPulse is to get emails into the inbox of recipients at the time that they check their emails.

Currently, most Email Service Providers do not send emails at times that recipients are most likely to open them. SendPulse’s new technology will put users’ emails at the top of their recipients’ inboxes, delivering highly personalized emails at the exact time recipients open their emails. The new AI technology will optimize the timing and delivery not just of email campaigns but web and mobile push notifications and SMS text messages.

“Our new AI feature uses machine learning to create profiles based on billions of subscriber data points, using predictive behavior to create emails and other forms of communication with the best engagement potential,” said Constantine Rozenshtraus, CEO of SendPulse. “The application’s AI feature will adjust if needed with each new email campaign, continuously learning subscriber behaviors and teaching itself how to best interact with subscribers across all text-based communication platforms, including email, social media, web push notifications and SMS. We’re thrilled to be able to introduce a brilliant technology that will truly revolutionize the way our clients send emails to current and potential customers.”

With the incorporation of AI Machine Learning Technology, SendPulse will be able to automatically create segments and send emails in the most appropriate time and channel, doubling open rates and engagement.

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About SendPulse

Founded in 2015, SendPulse is an integrated email marketing solution that combines email, web push notifications and SMS texting all on one platform, offering unlimited segmentation, and personalized custom variables, unlimited sender’s name and addresses, unlimited drip campaigns and 24/7 live tech support by phone, skype or live chat box. The company currently has more than 600,000 customers using SendPulse’s services.

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