Revolutionary and One-of-A Kind Wood Craft Material launches Kickstarter Campaign!

TreeFLX is a 100% Ecofriendly, Non-Toxic, Green Technology, Perfectly Moldable and Re-moldable & Suitable for All Types of DIY and Art Projects!

TreeFLX has been introduced as an extremely flexible and easy to work with material that is 100% non-toxic, perfectly moldable and re-moldable. The revolutionary material is ideal for all kinds of ‘Do it yourself’ or DIY Projects. Moreover, this one of a kind wood craft material is 100% ecofriendly and can be used to create artists of the future. The creators of this revolutionary project are now seeking public support on Kickstarter and are welcoming everyone to back the project via crowdfunding.

“It is almost like magic that allows artists to create many sustainable products that can be used in household, home and garden, healthcare, arts, sports, cosplay, and beyond.” Said one of the representatives of TreeFLX while talking about its features. “Creators use only their bare hands, scissors, and a heat gun (or a fan). TreeFLX becomes moldable by simply applying heat with a heat gun (80 °C /176 °F) and solidifies at room temperature rapidly.” He added. According to the creators, the best feature about this amazing material is that unlike other products that once dry, are locked in the same shape forever, TreeFLX can be reheated over and over again and re-molded into any shape.

TreeFLX is a revolutionary modeling material made from biodegradable plastic, which is made from cornstarch and 100% recycled wood. In addition, TreeFLX is very lightweight, ultra-breathable, moldable into all shapes, reusable, and it sticks together without any glue at all.  When TreeFLX cools down, it becomes extremely strong due to its wood-like features.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:  and it offers several pledges ranging from $10 to $69 with rewards that range from humble gratitude to TreeFLX Original Color Pack with all the 7 colors offered. The creators are therefore welcoming everyone to back this amazing creation and be creative with it alongside their kids and families.

About TreeFLX

TreeFLX is an amazing creation that enables the users to create several objects that are durable and strong. However, unlike plastic, the users can use this material again and again and the safe material can be molded and remolded as long as they need. The creators are now seeking support for TreeFLX on Kickstarter and are welcoming everyone to back the project.

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Company Name: TreeFLX
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