Local business, Queanbeyan Acupuncture, Helps Pregnant Women, Children, and Others Achieve Pain Relief and Relaxation

Queanbeyan, NSW – Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine modality that has been around for centuries. The practice increases in popularity because it is an alternative treatment for numerous health conditions as it promotes the body’s self-healing process. The most common method of acupuncture is inserting thin sterile needles into the body’s anatomic sites. Other methods also include cupping, manual massage, heat therapy and so forth.

In 2003, Rebecca Ellison opened Queanbeyan Acupuncture
(http://queanbeyanacupuncture.com.au/index.php). She tends toa wide range of conditions but takes a special interest in pain, pediatrics, digestive issues and pregnancy. Even as acupuncture continues to increase in popularity, consumers still have their hesitations when it comes to the Chinese medicine modality. Individuals tend to associate needles with pain, like when getting a shot at the doctor’s office.

However, as Rebecca aims to not hurt her clients, she does warn that there are anatomic sites on the body that are more sensitive in comparison to others. Even for individuals with a serious phobia of needles, acupuncture is an alternative to traditional treatments. Acupuncture needles are relatively small in comparison to what most are used to being confronted with at the doctor’s office. With that being said, individuals find they can handle the needles they cannot see.

The experts at Queanbeyan Acupuncture also have experience in pregnancy, infants and children. Many seek acupuncture treatments from the early stages of conceiving to post delivery. Women seek acupuncture during their pregnancies to assist with pain, fatigue and morning sickness. The treatment releases endorphins which act as the body’s natural painkillers. Concern has been raised with women who seek acupuncture treatment during pregnancy, however, there are 10 anatomic sites that should be avoided but there are over 400 anatomic sites that can be used for treatments.

Women continue to seek acupuncture treatments post-delivery as it can assist in recovery and sleep, and aid in lactation. Rebecca also specializes in acupuncture treatments for children, with or without needles. It depends on the child and the treatment being sought.

For those individuals who are curious or interested in seeking alternative treatment, they are strongly encouraged to visit http://queanbeyanacupuncture.com.au/index.php or a full list of conditions and treatments that Queanbeyan Acupuncture offers! It also is a great way to meet the staff at Queanbeyan Acupuncture and contact them with any questions a consumer has.

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