Kidcia launches their range of radio controlled drones with first person view camera

A company based in China, in the Zhejiang province. Kidcia is a manufacturer and supplier of radio controlled toys. They offer in their product range r/c cars, trucks, and aerial vehicles.

Science and technological advancements have found their way to all aspects of the human life. Even in terms of toys and games the developments in radio transmission, manufacturing of powerful electrical and palm sized internal combustion engines dawned the new era of toys which we know a r/c or radio controlled toys. These are toys controlled by specially designed radio transmitters, and are enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Toy grade r/c toys are manufactured keeping in mind the aesthetic value of the products and also to minimize the cost of production. Kidcia, a Chinese firm, has recently developed a new line of products in their list of r/c toys. The introduction of their range of drones with camera has added a boost in their global sales and service. The drones come preloaded with a 3 mega pixel camera that can shoot still photographs and videos while in the air! This small drone is compact and portable.

Kidcia launches their range of radio controlled drones with first person view camera

The toy drone is equipped with flexible and retractable propellers that adds to the already feature laden product. The drone can be controlled via Wi-Fi though an app that is compatible in both Android and iOS devices. The drones are fitted with on board controllers and integrated circuitry that allows the drone to hover steadily and also provide the user with the fun part of performing aerobic stunts with the drone like flips and rolls. The added features like 3 speed modes that enable the user with the flexibility of adjusting the speed of the drone according to the playing conditions. When indoors apply for the lowest setting and when outdoors the maximum speed setting should be chosen.

RC Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera Live Video

To prevent accidental damage during landing operations, this quadcopter with camera is provided with extra cushioning at its base. These drones are pre loaded with a ‘gravity’ option that enables the user with the opportunity to learn how to fly the same without causing damage. The powerful motors are brushless in nature and runs at the highest possible rpm. The advanced stability feature combined with gyroscopes enables the quad copter to hover at a steady height while shooting a photograph or video. The built quality of the drone is strictly supervised by the company so that the rapport with their clientele all around the globe remains fruitful.

About Kidcia

A company based in china, Kidcia is a manufacturer of quality controlled r/c toys and supplies them to all around the world via e-commerce giants such as Amazon. For further details and other trade related enquiries, please refer to the above web address.

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