Crowdfounding for the Marawi Crisis: Uniting to Support the Victims of Marawi Conflict in Their Time of Need

A crowdfunding for the Marawi Crisis campaign launched at, encouraging people all over the world to offer whatever aid they can. Hundreds died and were injured in this militant conflict and many more were chased out of their homes.

Tragedy arrived at the land of Marawi as a deadly viper, striking from the shadows and without any mercy. On May 23rd ISIS militants clashed with the local government security forces causing what is currently known as the Marawi Crisis. The conflict is ongoing and more lives are lost to it every day. On the 1st of June, the death toll reached over 200 people with 24 of them innocent civilians. Thousands of people are stranded without food, medical aid, and homes as the destruction of the city continues. The crowdfunding for the Marawi Crisis campaign calls for people to offer their support to the victims of this tragedy.

The President of the Philippines declared the state of martial law in the region. Local stores are all closed and local resources are running out extremely fast. The people of Marawi are trapped in the middle of the militant conflict, many of them with no access to basic necessities, as they had to flee their burning homes.

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What Caused the Marawi Crisis?

As it always is with terrorist groups, it’s impossible to determine the cause of their actions. They have their own agenda and make loud pronouncements of their beliefs. However, the thing that the people remember is not the motto or political position of the militants, but the fact that they write their ‘messages’ in the blood and tears of innocent people.

Tragedies like the Marawi Crisis or Manchester Attack are acts of senseless violence that are barely covered with a sheen of some political, religious, or even philosophical ‘symbolism’.

The one lesson that the humanity in its entirety should learn from these horrible incidents is that any enemy can be defeated when people stand together.

With every passing hour, the battles in Marawi continue claiming and ruining lives by breaking families and livelihoods. However, every person has the power to help those struggling in the grip of the tragedy by making a contribution to crowdfunding for the Marawi Crisis on this website.

Supporting the victims of such tragedies is the way to show the terrorists that they cannot win. Innocent people caught in the middle of these violent crimes must not be broken. Offering any aid in their struggle makes a difference and literally helps save lives.

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