Chaos – the Latest Interview with Community Member Thomas

Chaos is positioned to provide solutions for trust-absence scenarios, and build a fundamental block chain service facility. The Chaos is committed to helping businesses fast productize on block chain, and truly realizing servitization of block chain. Chaos is mainly to accomplish two aspects of technology: underlying block chain infrastructure with services supported and highly scalable business development environments and tools library at the application layer.

Compared to Ethereum, there are no risks or worries about hard forking. Chaos is trying to create a block chain ecosystem different from Bitcoin and Ethereum, and extend itself to all areas of business.

The Chaos project has received high attention around the world. Not long ago community member Thomas was invited to an interview by a reporter in China.

Reporter: What’s the consideration to conduct close cooperation with China this time?

China is now at the forefront of the world in the field of block chain, including block chain investment and technology development. There is a good atmosphere and huge market demand for the development of block chain technology in China, and Chaos hopes to take advantage of this opportunity to seek more cooperation in China. Besides, there are a large number of technology GEEKs who have interest in block chain in China, and we hope to attract them to join us and help improve the Chaos platform.

Reporter: Chaos is very advanced in the concept, and what’s the consideration for data partition and cloud storage as referred to in the white paper?

The main consideration is the data synchronization efficiency of block chain. After the introduction of smart contracts, application development will lead to a great increase in the amount of data. By data classification and partition, users only need to synchronize the required data for necessary validation. Chaos utilizes cloud to store partial application data, which can reduce the demand on the  local storageand meet the needs of future large-scale application deployment.

Reporter: Many block chain projects have involved the concept of smart contract platform, may I ask how is the Chaos smart contract going, and what’s the development idea?

Chaos, in smart contract, is committed to meeting the requirement of deploying a large block chain application. At present, most smart contract and block chain systems available on the market, including Ethereum, can’t host logically complicated application for processing a large amount of data. We hope to do better in this regard. In fact, perfection of smart contract can’t be realized without improvement of the underlying block chain, including storage mechanisms, data synchronization efficiency, communication security and so on.

In terms of application, Chaos smart contract will be compatible with more mainstream scripts, including but not limited to Lua, JavaScript and Python in the future. If possible, Chaos will consider defining independently a script language suitable for the block chain development.

Reporter: Compared with Ethereum, what’s the advantage of the Chaos? Could you give an analysis from the perspective of market and investment?

Both of them are smart contract platforms of block chain, but compared with Ethereum, there are no risks of hard forking. So far since its birth, Ethereum has encountered many problems. Chaos has tried to avoid such problems since the beginning of the design with every effort to create it into a better ecological platform and extends itself to all areas of business.

From the perspective of investment, Chaos is now evaluated at about 3000BTC. And its test version of smart contract has been finished, which is well ahead of other block chain projects on the market in speed and efficiency.

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