A dating site for Doctor Who fans in the USA

LONDON, UK – 8 Jun, 2017 –

A new experience to enjoy with Whovian Companions

One million potential single Doctor Who fans are about to get the opportunity to share and experience meetings around the successful tv show Doctor Who thanks to Whovian Companions, a dating website dedicated to Doctor Who fans across the USA. For the tv show fans, no Time Lord can ever exist without a Companion. Therefore, it was high time they were reunited by a website. Exploring space and time, sharing and finding your Companion, that’s what you can expect from Whovian Companions website.

A dating website: a genuine window to meeting the other

No matter if you are shy or introverted, or on the contrary highly communicative, nothing has ever been simpler than starting a conversation about the series. Being a Whovian means being part of a community of values. Whovian Companions is an easy and convivial gateway for all single fans.

Gathering to allow sharing

Among all science-fiction universes created for television purposes, this tv show has been an institution since it was launched in 1963.

Whovian Companions is unique as it gathers, from the very beginning, fans of the legendary tv show Doctor Who. On this website, fans cannot get it wrong since they can start talking about common interest and ideas. Indeed, even without knowing each other, Whovians have a small universe in common and share common values. Through Whovian Companions, they can immediately learn who other members’ favourite Doctor/Companion is, as it is indicated on their profile.

When fiction turns into reality

Who has never dreamt of meeting THE right person; the person with whom it would be possible to travel through time and space, going from one discovery to another? Whovian Companions erases space frontiers and connects all the series fans.

No limit to love

Universality and tolerance stand as principles promoted by this series. Consequently, nothing can stop Whovians from finding true love.The solution to loneliness, total freedom and control for users. For all men and women eager to meet new people, membership is free. The website is intuitive and meets all members’ needs.

For more information, visit: www.whoviancompanions.com

Try it for 1$

Members who wish to enjoy all features of the website can purchase a monthly subscription of 1$ for the first month.
That first month is at 1$ with the following months at $19.95.

No long-term contract, each member gets control on its membership. An easy and efficient solution based on affinities to help members meet the right persons.

No need to be a geek to love this universe, you just need to be willing to share around this legendary series.

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