EMPOWER YOUR DAUGHTER: You Have All It Takes To Give Her the Confidence to Take Action & Turn Her Dreams into Reality!

Long Beach, California, USA – June 8th, 2017 – On June 13th, at 7 pm (Pacific Time) all parents with teenage daughters are invited by Latina Leader Academy (works with Latinas and young women of all backgrounds) for a free Webinar that will be hosted by Linda Xochitl Avalos on http://www.lindaavalos.com/empower-your-daughter.html

The webinar will open up a platform for registration for the actual workshop that Linda will be doing for teenage girls.

Being a parent to a teenage girl can be one of the most daunting tasks ever from all the emotional swings, attitudes, lies to the never-ending fights with them, this leads to parents giving up on them and locking themselves out of their girl’s lives which are the biggest mistakes any parent can ever make. By choosing to be part of this ‘movement,’ you will be able to get the know-how or ways to tap into this shortcomings, empower them to be better women and leaders in the future and above all teach them how to stand up for themselves and be able to make important decisions in their lives.

The Empowerment Workshop Series that LLA does, involves a three week curriculum, three (3) live meetings every week on Saturdays, for young women between 9th to 12th grades. In this span, your daughter will learn to: Discover her empowered self, be prepared for change, communicate effectively, and motivate herself and so much more. Some of the topics that will get discussed in this workshop include but are not limited to Self-awareness, eating healthy, do’s and dont’s of social media, positive body image, bullying, drugs, alcohol, sex, and other various mentorship.

Not only do you have the potential to Increase the trust & connection needed for a powerful relationship with your daughter, but you can also get your teen to communicate her worst fears & biggest dreams.

About Linda Xochitl Avalos: 

The founder of Latina Leader Academy, she is fiercely committed to empowering young women to become independent, confident leaders so that they can take action to pursue their dreams & become leaders in their life, family, communities and the world.

Everyone who desires the best for his or her daughter will be blessed big time with this upcoming free webinar.

You are the only thing missing from the equation!

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