Neurologist Dr. Sean Orr Discusses Brain Fitness and The NeuroEconomy in Radio Interview

Neurologist, Dr. Sean Orr, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show discussing the phases and dangers of burnout, as well as how to achieve optimal brain function for success in the NeuroEconomy.

Dr. Sean Orr, a neurologist who specializes in helping people optimize their brain function and avoid burnout, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize.

The discussion started with the description of the transition from a cardioeconomy historically based on heart power (how much someone can lift, move, build, etc.) to earn a living, to, more recently, a neuroeconomy, which is based on the use of the mind, using the internet and technology, to manipulate the environment and create economic success.

The ability to do this successfully depends on brain function and having good brain fitness to be able to use these technologies. The amount of brain energy someone has to use is a function of having good brain fitness.

One of the dangers for people who strive strongly towards success is the onset of burnout. Dr. Orr describes the three stages of burnout. The first stage involves experiencing a heightened level of extreme stress, which can lead to physical symptoms, such as insomnia, headaches and the inability to concentrate.

The second stage is where a person starts to conserve energy, often by procrastinating or avoiding normal activities. If unaddressed, this can lead to exhaustion, which is the third stage. This stage can lead to someone ultimately dropping out of society and perhaps even committing suicide. The importance of dealing with burnout cannot be emphasized enough.

In the process of helping clients deal with and recover from burnout, Dr. Orr helps them get into an optimized state.

According to Dr. Orr, “Our first step is simply to just recover that person and get them into an optimized state. So our fundamental brain building strategies are pretty basic. They’re about attending to things like sleep, diet and exercise. What kind of material are you putting in your mouth? Are you relying on fast food and sugary beverages just to keep afloat?

So optimization is simply about taking a person and getting them into a situation of better awareness and starting a process of changing behaviors and patterns in order to get a normal brain function. Essentially, get to a brain as it was designed by Mother Nature.”

Dr. Orr also discusses the recently trendy topic of biohacking, which is focused on brain function enhancement. While many of the practices that biohackers follow can be effective and are healthy, other more extreme measures can often have detrimental effects on the brain which can be permanent. He advises caution when trying to do brain enhancement without the guidance of a physician.

The recent suicide of Robin Williams has highlighted the importance for people to be aware of not only their own brain health, but also that of their co-workers, friends or family who may no longer be objective about their situation.

Dr. Orr’s discussion is very timely and offers great information about maintaining optimal brain functioning in the hopes of having a successful and happy life.

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