Telesis Technologies Will Be Displaying Its High-End Product Line At The Advanced Manufacturing Show In Birmingham (UK)

The Global Leader In Laser Marking Solutions Is Making Its Mark By Offering A Wide Range Of Laser Marking Solutions Worldwide

Telesis Technologies Inc. has announced today that it will be attending the Advanced Manufacturing Show in the United Kingdom this week. Headquartered in the United States, the International Laser and Pinstamp®/Dot Peen Systems Manufacturing Company operates in several major countries worldwide including the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China and the Netherlands. The company offers a full line of laser marking systems capable of satisfying even the most demanding laser marking applications for industry.

“We are looking forward to display our patented solutions at this upcoming Trade Show in the UK,” said Dr. Ashot Mesropyan, the President of Telesis Technologies, in a recent interview. “Telesis is entirely focused on marking systems which enables us to develop many dedicated, fine-tuned solutions. Many manufactured items produced today require permanent marks to allow companies to track that item which is why our marking systems are so much in demand.”

Telesis Technologies takes pride in its distinctive ability to create and integrate high-speed and high-quality product identification systems for a broad range of industries. The company manufactures machines for marking products ranging from plastics to delicate material instruments, large/heavy duty diesel engines, tiny 1/8-inch bolts or other micro-scale devices, with precision and accuracy.

Telesis offers a wide range of lasers to suit the marking needs of its clients and the most popular products in the line are its F-Series Fiber Laser Markers with 30, 50, 75 and up to 150 watt versions available. Telesis is constantly looking for ways to evolve and improve its laser marking solutions. For instance the company has introduced the dual head marking laser which opens up a string of new applications. In addition they have the InLine Vision (standard embedded camera) and the Vari-Z 3D internal focusing laser which includes autofocus and cylindrical part marking functions.

The Dual Head Laser Concept available with models from the E- Series (DPSS Lasers) and the F-series (Fiber Lasers) offers the unique advantage of controlling two independent marking heads with a single INTERFACE integrated controller.  By using the Dual Head concept Telesis can eliminate XY tables, rotary devices and complicated control software and wiring and make the integration much simpler and cheaper.

Besides the F-Series, another popular line is the E-Series DPSS Laser Marking Systems offering 8, 10, 25, 35 watt versions. In addition, the Green Laser and the C-Series CO2 Laser Marking Systems with 10, 30 and 60 watt versions are also high in demand. Alongside F, E and C-Series, the U-Series product line offering the UVC laser marker (ultraviolet wavelength) is also a remarkable feat of engineering achieved by the exceptionally skilled and experienced Telesis engineers.

Founded in 1971, the company has evolved as a reliable industry leader with constant innovations and technological superiority. The highly qualified engineers with a complete knowledge of marking have enabled the company to introduce its floating pin technology (Pinstamp®) as well as the first fiber laser marker.

The product line offered by Telesis Technologies is popular across the international market because of the tailored and customized solutions offered by the company to suit the individual needs of each client. The products are created for all kinds of industries worldwide including automotive, aerospace/aviation, medical, industrial, electronics, heavy equipment, oil & energy, military, etc. The engineers take a pride in taking care of all the customers needs in the marking arena and the products manufactured by Telesis can leave a mark on anything and everything.

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