First American Travel Personality to Photograph In Portuguese National Tile Museum

Historic International Photography Project Took Place Monday, June 5th in Lisbon, Portugal.

Sheree Mitchell at the National Tile Museum in Lisbon, Portugal.

Photography: Alípio Padilha.

Dress & Jewelry: Filipa Malho

On Monday, June 5th, 2017; Sheree Miranda Mitchell became the first American travel personality to use the National Tile Museum in Lisbon as the set of a photography project aimed at promoting North American tourism to Portugal as well as highlighting a new Lisbon-based female fashion designer.   

The actual space where the museum is housed was the former convent of Madre de Deus which dates back to the early 16th century. It contains a small Manueline cloister, a Baroque church and Europe’s most extensive hand-painted tile collection that range from mid 15th century to present day.  

Ana Azevedo, the Museum Manager stated, “This building and the art it contains are very significant to our national history. We are happy to have international travel professionals like Ms. Mitchell take such an interest in our work here.”

Mitchell’s production team included well-known photographer, Alipio Padilha who specializes in creating theatrical dialogues between the space and the subject. It also included Lisbon-based clothing and jewelry designer Filipa Malho and local professional makeup artist, Cidalia Espadinha. 

Mitchell stated, “This gorgeous museum is the real protagonist here. The dress and the person are simply accessories. It’s been an honor to be a part of this.”  

The images from this project will be used at various international travel shows and conferences where Mitchell will continue to highlight new immersive travel trends for tourists seeking unique and authentic experiences in Portugal.

Mitchell would like to personally thank the Nacional Tile Museum, the production team, LINE for providing the clothes, jewelry and fashion stylist and Immersa Global for underwriting the project.      

About Sheree M. Mitchell and Immersa Global

Immersa Global is a boutique firm based in Miami, Florida that designs once in a lifetime experience-based journeys for individuals and corporations. Mitchell speaks frequently around North America on immersive experiences in Portugal and the art of transformative travel.

To learn more about Mitchell or Immersa Global, please visit their website.

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