Bioidentical Hormone Specialist Launches New Office in Lee’s Summit to Help Women Reignite Passion, Gain More Energy and Burn More Belly Fat

Lee’s Summit, MO – The menopause transition is still a nightmare for many women. A new form of hormone replacement therapy that has proven its worth, along with integrative functional medicine, is now available at the new office of Dr. Woods Wellness, run by Dr. Malaika Woods, MD, MPH.

Women need no longer be afraid of menopause and age related ailments. Dr. Woods Wellness is a cash-only medical practice, and offers bioidentical hormone therapy to bring passion and excitement back in women’s lives. The clinic also offers weight loss treatment and makes use of integrative functional medicine to restore optimal health.

Dr. Woods explains: “Many women are needlessly suffering through the menopausal transition with hot flashes, night sweats and low libido. They have been told they just experiencing the change of life. These women have been led to believe there is nothing they can do about it. The truth is, there is something they can do, and I believe no woman should have to suffer through menopause. Instead, they should be able to transition gracefully, feeling and looking amazing.”

Dr. Woods Wellness has been founded to help women reignite their passion, gain more energy and burn more belly fat. Dr. Malaika Woods is a traditional OBGYN, who turned to integrative functional medicine to explore the potential of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The results were amazing.

Bioidentical hormones, which match the exact structure of body produced hormones, are used to replace natural hormones that get diminished as women age or due to other health reasons. Delivered orally, by injection or via pellet, bioidentical hormones are a safe option with minimal risks associated compared to conventional or synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Apart from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the professional team at Dr Woods Wellness handles a wide range of cases, including adrenal health, autoimmune disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, gut health and weight management.

“The body is divinely designed. We only have to give it what it needs in order to see amazing changes happen,” says Dr. Woods.

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