DoggieWorld Dog Car Seat Cover Becomes A Big Hit On Amazon

The dog car seat cover is helping vehicle owners to save thousands of dollars in interior cleaning

A new dog car seat cover has been launched on Amazon to help vehicle owners avoid the damage that can be caused from dog hairs, scratches, and dirt. The DoggieWorld dog car seat cover has only recently been added to Amazon ( but has already received five-star reviews.

Each year, according to reports more than $600 is spent by vehicle owners on cleaning the interior of their car due to dog hairs, dirt, and odor. Another report has stated that millions of vehicles are damaged by dogs where the interior is scratched, ripped, or damaged costing from hundreds to thousands of dollars to fix. This damage and the money spent on interior cleaning could be avoided by protecting the car seat and the interior with a DoggieWorld dog car seat cover.

The durable car seat cover is suitable for all types of vehicles including cars, SVU’s and trucks. The DoggieWorld Dog Car Seat Cover stands out from other seat covers through the quality material that is used and by providing a hammock car seat cover that gives better protection than the standard car seat cover. As well as providing better protection, it also provides the pet a better level of comfort, providing a win, win situation.

A spokesman for Doggie-World said: “We wanted to thank our customers for making our product such a hit on Amazon and have decided to offer a limited discount.”

The non-slip, waterproof, machine washable car seat cover with extra side flaps and seat belt openings is easy to install and can be cleaned within seconds. The product, which comes with a 100% money-back guarantee is currently available with a discount price. The normal price is $59.90, but to celebrate its success it’s currently available for $32.90.

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The car seat cover provides pet owners with protection for the interior of their vehicles. It solves the problem of the damage that can be caused by dog hairs, scratches, and dirt.

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