Nimble Collective Announces Release of ‘Disrupted’ Micro-Series Pilot Project, Collaboration Launch from Nimble’s Virtual Studio Service Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – 10 Jun, 2017 – Nimble Collective today announced the launch of “Disrupted,” an animated micro-series project and the latest film created as part of Nimble Collective’s Pilot Program. Nimble’s platform, when fully realized, will revolutionize the animation industry by allowing people to collaborate with others and create animated content with nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser.

Disrupted is the story of Ben, a 40ish unexpectedly out-of-work DreamWorks employee, and how he finds humor in this painful chapter in his life. Set in real coffee shop, Backyard Coffee (Redwood City, California) Disrupted’s animated characters interact against 2D photo plates of the actual location. (Learn more about the series at

Disrupted Director Brian Newlin said: “This series was inspired by how I coped with my new reality and the increasingly bizarre, yet apparently relatable, social media updates I was posting. It’s been an amazing experience working with Nimble Collective, being able to collaborate with all the excellent creators and talent. “

Disrupted is just the latest of several animated films created as part of Nimble Collective’s Pilot Program and an integral part of the development, testing and validation of the Nimble Platform. Other pilots include “Coin Operated,” by director Nicholas Arioli, which premiered last night at the Brooklyn Film Festival; “Roadside Assistance,” by director Kathy McNeal, expected to launch this summer and created with a team consisting of San Jose State University animation students; “Sunny and Gerd,” by Vancouver-based director DaCosta; and “Melon Shorts,” by director Mike Shiell (the first project showcased by Nimble, in 2016).   

Nimble’s CEO/co-founder Rex Grignon said: “We are excited to have this opportunity to work with Brian, who shares our passion of sharing fresh, original animated content that resonates with audiences.

“Our Pilot Program is a vibrant incubation of first-time directors and outside talent,” Grignon added. “This synergy gives our technical team the ideal challenges for testing and developing further our platform as we finesse our virtual offering. Each pilot has provided a new framework for validation and improvement and we are really excited about what these creators are bringing to the table.”

Nimble is currently offering commercial projects and paid opportunities for creative freelancers who will benefit from the studio tech and collaborative setting. The Silicon Valley startup planning on releasing a version of the platform that will be ready for general availability this fall.


Nimble Collective, founded by Academy Award-winning animators and technology entrepreneurs, is revolutionizing the animation content market. The Mountain View, California startup, is offering studio-level capabilities without the costly infrastructure. With all the production capabilities of the animation pipeline hosted in a secure cloud environment, animators and their collaborators, wherever they are in the world, will be able to spend more time creating instead of managing complex and expensive infrastructure. ‘Be Your Own Studio.’

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