Inspired By The Classic Rock Of The 70’s And 80’s, Ivory Tower Project Is A Band With An Emotional History And A Unique Sound

New album “How Much More?” by Ivory Tower Project available now!
More than a story about musical passion, the tale of Ivory Tower Project is one of heartbreak and achievement. Following the deaths of two of the four founding members and the severe injury of a third, the band has continued to cultivate their own unique classic rock influenced sound, while also bringing a modern edge to it. “How Much More?” is the latest album in their catalog of inspired music that delves into the unique challenges that the band has faced.

Ivory Tower Project was originally formed by Mark Regula, Johnny Jace, Tony Novorro and Sal DiAngelo with the idea of capturing the essence of classic rock and presenting it in a truly modern fashion. Soon after the band’s formation, in 1983, original member Sal DiAngelo died, which was the first taste of tragedy that the band experienced. The second was the death of songwriter Johnny Jace, who passed away in 2003. If things were not bad enough for the band, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mark Regula was in a serious car accident that left him barely able to walk or perform live.

If you think that is a lot for a band and four individuals to endure emotionally, it is. In an interview with a New York music publication, Regula shared his experiences with the loss of his band members and in that, found the strength to carry on and continue recording. “How Much More?”, an album that is as deep and introspective as the name would suggest, features some of the the last lyrics written by Johnny Jace. Regula was then tasked with putting the lyrics of his dearly departed friend and band member to melodies, without having him to bounce ideas off of; a task that he says was one of the most difficult parts about recording the album.

Fortunately, during this time, Regula was able to lean on his friend and band member Tony Novorro, who Regula says always had faith in the music of Ivory Tower Project. They bring their own take on the emotional turmoil that they have experienced. The end result are rich, textured sounds that have similar underlying messages, but able to give listeners a glimpse into how both members were able to cope both separately and individually with songs like “Please Tell Me”, a song written about original drummer Sal DiAngelo.

Through all of the pain and heartache, ITP has been able to endure more than many bands and continue to turn their pain into strength; to take all of the loss and empty space and to turn it into captivating music that is reflective of every member’s shared influences and love for one another. In their music you will hear sweeping guitar, epic vocals and pulsating beats a la classic rock greats including Foreigner, INXS, Styx and Boston to name a few. A must have for listeners who have been looking for something that captures the essence of classic rock but with a more polished and modernized production value.

“How Much More?” is currently available on Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, Google Play, and a variety of other online music sites. The band is currently working on a few covers with a brand new rhythm section as well as new original songs that will appear on a future album.

For more information on Ivory Tower Project, their unique and tumultuous journey and eventual rise above tragedy, check out their website at and Facebook page at

You can also check out the official video for their track “Surf Song” on YouTube.

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