Junk Removal Vancouver Done with Care: RID-OF-IT Vancouver and Homestart Foundation Furnish 700 Homes a Year

RID-OF-IT Vancouver, a junk removal Vancouver service that knows how to do it right. Collaborating with Homestart Foundation, they donate every piece of furniture that can be donated to furnish hundreds of homes for those in need.

When people think junk removal, they hardly imagine that their rubbish can have any use. However, a dedicated junk removal Vancouver service RID-OF-IT believes in making the best use of everything. They implement this principle by meticulously processing every piece of junk that comes through their hands.

They salvage what is possible, recycle the rest, and use the most eco-friendly disposal methods for whatever cannot be processed in any other way. The collaboration between RID-OF-IT Vancouver and Homestart Foundation helps furnish 700 homes a year.

Making Lives Better with the Right Junk Removal Vancouver

Donating to charity is one of the best ways to help those who are less fortunate than oneself. However, many people are too busy to deal with taking all their unneeded stuff to the nearest charity. In many other cases, they don’t even think that this kind of junk can be salvaged.

What makes RID-OF-IT such an outstanding rubbish removal Vancouver service is that they take over this task. The client only needs to call for the junk removal team, which will arrive at convenient hours.

The premier junk removal Vancouver team will effectively handle the rest. On their website, http://www.ridofitvancouver.ca/, the service even promises that they will clean up after themselves. This removes another cause of stress and cost for the owners.

In collaboration with Homestart Foundation, the RID-OF-IT Vancouver team sort through the junk furniture. They preserves everything that can be mended and reused. These pieces are used to furnish hundreds of homes, which helps thousands of people that are truly in need.

The team will also ensure that every type of recyclable waste gets to its proper disposal center. Therefore, this junk removal service takes not only ‘regular’ rubbish but also appliances, TVs, Mattresses, etc.

When working with a business like this, rubbish disposal turns from contributing to a landfill into helping the planet. There is no way to stop ‘producing’ rubbish completely in today’s world. However, it is possible to reduce the negative impact it has on the environment.

If one is too busy, stressed, or otherwise unprepared to deal with this themselves, RID-OF-IT junk removal Vancouver service is ready to step in. One can get a free quote, a consultation on the accepted types of junk, and answers to any questions via the website or at 604-259-0010.

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Company Name: RID-OF-IT Vancouver
Contact Person: Scott Marenych
Email: scott@ridofitvancouver.ca
Phone: (604) 659-6670
Address:219-2118 W 15th Ave
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State: British Columbia V6K 2Y5
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