Design Info Reveals The Top 10 Winter Pantone Shades That People Love To Use In Asia

Whether it is the world of fashion and apparel, or home furnishings, or that of plush interiors, whatever is it that a modern-day consumer sees, touches or experiences has something to do with the inherent colour of that product or thing. It is for this reason that the experts at Design Info chose to reveal the 10 winter Pantone shades in TCX that will rule the Asian Continent in 2017.

The first of these is Iris Leaf, code – Pantone 19-0511 TCX, which is not only the usual olive based hue that one would imagine, but the one which is more towards the mineral end and exudes an element of coolness with a dominating grey hue. Next is the good ol’ Jet Black, code – Pantone 19-0303 TCX, which is set to offer the season with a touch of class and elegance like none other. Then comes the- Phantom, code – Pantone 19-4205 TCX. Offered in a wide array of blue hues, Phantom is more of a basic shade, than something that stands out, which is why it’s inclusion in the mainstream will come as a pleasant surprise. Next is the Highrise, code – Pantone 15-4101 TCX. Yet another hue that is inspired from grey, this one is set to bring about an element of sobriety. Tending to receive a warm welcome, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this hue becomes omnipresent within no time. 

The fifth in the row is Navy Blazer, code – Pantone 19-3923 TCX. And while we all tend to imagine the deeper hues of blue when it comes to this colour, this time around it will be a little different than usual. The blue will be infused with a tinge of the sombre grey, for that cool and eccentric effect. Next in the array is Blue Depths, code – Pantone 19-3940 TCX. This one’s is not the indigo hued blue that has been doing the rounds for quite some time now, but a more subtle shade which exudes more elegance than chicness. Then comes the Alloy, code – Pantone 16-3915 TCX, yet another subtle hue, inspired from the metallic alloy, resonating the traditional grey, only in a lighter version.  

And now, we boil down to the classic Snow White, code – 11-0602X 4, not for the colour per say, but for the sheer effect it brings on when used in conjunction with the other shades! And while we’re at it, we also have the Marshmallow, code – Pantone 11-4300 TCX known again, for its ability to bring out all other shades in a flawless manner.

As for the Spokeperson Mr. Apran of Design Info’s speculation, “It isn’t only the basic colours which will be seen this time around. While sophistication is the go-to word for one and all, there is no denying the fact that a little bit of shimmer here and there with a family of some likeable colours such as purple, maroon et all will help achieve the much-desired eccentricity. And just so that there isn’t too much of the metallic lustre, stronger hues of pastel shades will come up in an unprecedented way.”

Looks like the monochromatic hues are going to dominate the season, with just the perfect hint of the beloved pastel shades.

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