ServerBundle Launches New Servers in France

Los Angeles – For global companies and those seeking to tap the international market, good news is on the horizon. The server provider ServerBundle recently launched a new branch of infrastructural support in France, adding to their growing list of international services.

US-based companies that wish to stay relevant and provide the best services in other countries need to set up infrastructure and servers in those countries. To be able to provide their services and achieve accessibility to internet users of other countries, a globally oriented company requires a local IP address. Local IP addresses make it easier for users of that country to access the website, and research has shown that internet users are more likely to invest in and seek services from a company if that company is locally operated.

Setting up a server in another country allows companies to get a locally based IP address, even in countries where they are not officially based. When service providers are US-based, it facilitates the expansion of US companies into foreign markets. Furthermore, setting up a dedicated server ensures greater security, privacy and control of company transactions.

ServerBundle, found at, is now making it easier for companies to tap the French market and offer their services there.ServerBundle is a US-based, globally operational company, with services and the necessary infrastructure to support businesses in the US, Netherlands, Russia, and now, France. In addition to providing servers, the company offers an in-house technical and engineering support team, so businesses can have the infrastructural support needed not only to operate within the United States, but also successfully in foreign markets.

With their new service provisions launched in France, ServerBundle is growing not only their own global reach, but giving other US businesses the opportunity to tap new markets and consumers. The France servers from ServerBundle offer the speed, protection, and support that companies need. Their 100 TB servers guarantee high-speed services, an edge that is difficult to attain when using an IP address that is not locally based. The company’s dedicated servers also provide companies the assurance that all their transactions and network infrastructures are tightly secured.

Whether a company needs a local IP address to maintain a competitive edge with other companies based in the target country, or for businesses seeking to expand into new markets, ServerBundle’s server provision services are the most optimal place to start.

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