Best House Keeping Provides Unbiased and Informative Reviews of Household Items

Best House Keeping is a blog site that offers unbiased reviews and buying guides for various household items to help readers improve their home. These include the best nonstick cookware and ceramic knives, a review of the top 5 shiatsu massage chairs and many other household appliances.

The key strength of is that all articles on the site are both unbiased and informative, which allow readers to choose products that best suit their needs. Each review or buying guide contains details of the features of each product, pros and cons of the item, and a summary of the best points about the product. In addition, all blog posts contain clear photos of the household appliances and a handy link to highly recommended sellers on the Amazon site where readers can purchase the product.

For example, in their nonstick frying pan set reviews, provides information on the product’s important features including size of the pan and how it allows individuals to cook food comfortably, special features such as thermos pot technology to sear meats to make them tender, heat retention for even cooking, compatibility with electric and gas hobs, how easy it is to clean the product, and how heat resistant is the handle to prevent it slipping out of an individual’s hand.

The cookware guides then move on to give an honest but brief bulleted point review of the pros and cons of the product. Using the Tefal 2-piece Delight Cookware set review as an example, the site author honestly highlights the fact that the frying pans come without lids.

The Best House Keeping site was founded by Isaac Babji with the purpose of providing visitors with reviews on a wide range of household products and appliances for the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. These include guides on the best home security systems, cutting boards, refrigerators, washer and dryers, cooktops, easy to make furniture ideas, and microfiber cloths.

Interested readers can browse all the reviews by visiting and make purchases by clicking on the relevant links.

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