Dr. Frank M. Civale Publishes Multiple Books and Inspires People to Read and Learn

Back in the old days, Confucius once quoted, “You must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”  In the present time, there are people who are fond of reading and writing. One of them  isDr. Frank M. Civale who continues and emphasizes that, “When you read you realize how much you don’t know.” This is not surprising why he has written 1,000 children’s books and might qualify for a Guinness Book record.

Dr. Frank M. Civale has published multiple books in different categories: Christianity, Religious Studies, Science, Colored Children’s book, Fiction, and the like. He has published thought-provoking books that mirror the possibilities of life and everything in between. Here are some of his works:

The Saint and the Sinner is a spiritual-rewarding story of Frank (coincidentally, his first name) who has what others deem advantageous: an affluent and a powerful family. His calling is not in line with a family ‘wine’ business, but with serving God to the disappointment of his father. As Frank journeys to his personal directions, he gets to encounter different individuals who may bring him closer to his goal or veer him away from the right path. Readers are drawn on Frank’s realization of learning many things and every choice he makes and the people he meet havecertain purposes. What does it really take to be a saint or a sinner? His other book entitled, “Ocean Harvest” seems to be its reverse version. Set in 1920’s in America, it talks about Anthony who learns how money makes the world go round. As his family bloodline achieves prestige and power, life seems easy to pass it on to the next generation. But does wealth truly define one’s happiness?

Supernatural ability, action, and futuristic approach are the core of his book, “Memory Man.” What would you do if youhad an extra ordinary memory? An unauthorized operation of the orphan Matthew changes everything and now, the world lies on him. Marvel Studios may be inspired from Dr. Frank Civale’s plot. Atlantis, the last testament is his other masterpiece that goes deeper to religious studies and history that is described by some critics as, “fascinating.

Dr. Frank M. Civale branches out his creativity to motivate young readers with life’s lessons in his children’s books- The Grandpa Collection Plant Series: Aloe and The grandpa Collection: London Travel Series.

With his wild imaginations as a prolific author, his books appeal to readers at all ages. Dr. Frank M. Civale is an example that one can read and write perfectly at the same time. 

Frank M. Civale Ph. D.

The Saint and The Sinner

Ocean Harvest

Memory Man

Atlantis, the last testament

The Grandpa Collection Plant Series: Aloe

The grandpa Collection: London Travel Series

Visit his website on http://www.authorfrankcivale.com/

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About the Author: Frank M. Civale Ph. D.

The author is a carpenter born in Connecticut, and has lived in the Bronx, New York. He served in Vietnam with the Sea-Bees, and moved to Florida in 1972. The author enjoys reading and writing – when you read you realize how much you don’t know.

He loves animals – his dream is to have a big ranch where the animals can run free. He’s still single – waits for that intellectual girl to come by. To date, he’s written 1,000 books. 

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