Donald F. Averill Reveals the Lighthouse Library’s Sequel

A not-typical heroic deed of a ten-year-old boy named Rocky Linfield as he embarks on an action-packed adventure with a ten-year-old lass, Millie.

Action, suspense, and gambles with death are the elements that give readers the ride of excitement. Just recently, Donald F. Averill has released The Lighthouse Fire which is the sequel to the Lighthouse Library. Well received by action/fiction readers, they have expected it for almost a year.

Set in the backdrop of year 1952 with a ten-year-old Millie Harris who moved in temporarily with the Linfield family in Crafton, Maine. Millie’s stay with the Linfields who ran the lighthouse in the area was supposed to be short-lived while her parents delivered a yacht to one of the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. The adventure seeking young girl wanted to make the most of her stay with the Linfields by exploring the place. Yet, all her plans were cut short abruptly when an FBI agent, her half-sister, told her that her parents were abducted while in the Bahamas. What made the kidnapping mysterious was that no ransom demands were made by the abductors.

One mystery after another focused the special forces of The FBI to uncover the crime. They assured Millie that they would do everything they could to rescue her parents. Despite the government’s effort, Millie felt the urgency and the obligation to do something for her parents. Readers can imagine how the young at heart and age will do anything to fight for the people she cares about.

She asked help from Rocky Linfield and the duo faced their fears. Together, they encountered several perilous barricades, and the fun-scare moments made their wild escapades irresistibly entertaining.  

“Rocky is playing a bigger and bolder role in this adventure. It has a more intriguing storyline, and it is just better overall.” He is one of the characters that readers may be interested to know more deeply.

Described by the critics as an adventure-packed story with some elements of conspiracy and “who-dunnit,” it is a 214-page book that’s well worth the time.

Donald F. Averill

The Lighthouse Fire 

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About the Author

Donald F. Averill grew up in the small farming town, Ritzville, Washington, and dreamed of becoming an astronomer. After receiving degrees in mathematics and chemistry from Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, he attended the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, obtaining a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry.

After teaching at Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico, for 24 years, Dr. Averill retired to Troutdale, Oregon, where he resides to this day. He began writing short stories in 2010 and published his first book in 2012. The Lighthouse Fire is his seventh book. He is currently writing a science fiction novel, The Kuiper Belt Deception.

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