VCH Research shows 38 million cars with open safety recall issues

Top VIN checker website VIN Car History’s recent research has revealed a disturbing number of 38 million cars have been sold with open safety recall issues in the US. The company has thus launched a Vehicle Recall Checker service where the buyers can check car’s recall history anonymously.

Los Angeles, California – June 13, 2017 – Renowned online VIN checker company VINCarHistory has recently released an alarming report on current car safety recall situation in the country to alert the used car buyers. Based on extensive research throughout the US, the report shows that a whopping number of 38 million cars have been sold with open safety recall issues unbeknownst to the buyers. But here comes a good news too – VIN Car History has recently launched Vehicle Recall Checker service that will help the aspiring car buyers to check whether the chosen vehicle had an open safety recall before buying.

“It’s a must to take a recall check when you are planning to buy a pre-owned car. Unfortunately, there are many car owners/drivers who do not bother to get the necessary safety repairs when is recalled by the manufacturer or NHTSA. Then there are unethical car dealers who never disclose the open recall status of a car, costing the buyer his and the vehicle’s safety big time. Our recent research has brought to light that a distressing number of 38 million cars have been sold in the country with open safety recall issues. Just imagine how unsafe our roads are now!”, stated Edward Adams, the leading spokesperson from VIN Car History.

As per his statements, every 4th recalled car didn’t go through adequate repair. Moreover, if a recalled car gets into accident before recall date, it won’t be able to avail a free recall. This is one of the main reasons why drivers and dealers usually avoid the mandatory safety repair altogether and wrongly pass away the defected car to the innocent buyers.

“You can’t always trust your dealer. It’s better you get the recall check yourself only to ensure an informed buying decision. A car is always a prized asset for the owner – you certainly don’t want to end up with any hidden troubles. And this is where you would need our Vehicle Recall Checker service. You would just need to enter the car’s VIN and our checker service would bring up the entire history of the car in just minutes. You will have a clear picture on whether the car was recalled and if recalled what followed after that. Don’t worry, it’s completely legal to check the recall history of a vehicle and also it’s your right as a consumer.”

What separates VCH’s recall checker from regular online checkers is that the newly launched tool works with authentic data sourced directly from authorities. The company also gathers information from the vehicle manufacturers, consumers, repair and gas stations as well as the different stakeholders. The visitors would be able to check out the recalls for nearly any make and model of a car and motorcycle anonymously.

Added to recall status, the recall checker will also reveal information on the car’s accident history, real title, inspection record, liens and many other details necessary for the buyer to know.

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