SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SWHI) d.b.a. Everybody’s Phone Company, Inc., a Provider of Landline Prepaid Telephone Services Explores the Possibility of Reaching out to the Teeming “Lower Class” by offering “Cheap” Phone Services: Specifically Designed for the Poor.

HOUSTON, TX, USA – With the prevalence of mobile phone use around the globe, we tend to forget the importance of our reliable landline phone service.

While mobile phones are at the forefront of phone communication these days, landlines still play a very important role in telecommunications. Overall, local and long distance calls are cheaper. Security systems require landlines and they are more difficult to hack than mobile phones. Not to mention that if you dial 9-1-1 from a landline phone, the emergency responders can pinpoint your exact location unlike a mobile phone.

Although mobile phones may be used more in today’s society, there will always be a need for landlines.

With a burning desire to contribute its quota in this regard as well as to make landline phone services readily available to all and sundry (rich and poor alike), SW Innovative Holdings, Inc.

d.b.a. Everybody’s Phone Company, Inc., a Provider of Landline Prepaid Telephone Services is hereby calling the attention of the general public to this “wallet-friendly and cutting-edge brand”. “These are reasons why, not cell but landlines??? Why Texas (SWHI) pink sheet company (everybody’s phone company) are holding on to Landlines. Because they are Lifelines for our poor and needy”, declared the president, Steve Bethke.

With the Federal subsidies that can be obtained this could be the cheapest way for poor people to get phone service. Cheaper than cell service and since no credit checks, can help migrants and needy, incarcerated, ankle monitors, elderly and handicap in rural area this may affect many even urban areas could use help.

“SWHI is low enough to be a keeper. This company gives rural and urban communities an addition to communicate freely. Why buy low. It will cost a small fee, but with that you have: security in an emergency with reliable 911 communications as well as give you superior sound quality and clarity. It works even during an electrical outage. It also eliminates need to charge batteries; provides unlimited local calling…..never drop your calls. Can’t be hacked! Saves you money when you bundle services; provides you with a directory listing, he further reiterated. Make a Corded Phone Part of Your Storm Plan; when bad weather hits, will your family be prepared? Severe storms and heavy winds can easily disrupt electrical service. Or a power outage could occur for other reasons. One item to be sure and have on hand is a corded landline phone, since it does not require electricity and could be your backup method of communication during and after a storm; ankle bracelet monitoring or emergency monitoring”, the president finally submitted.

About Everybody’s Phone Company

SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. d.b.a. Everybody’s Phone Company, sells prepaid, unlimited local

(dial tone) telephone service to the residential market, primarily in greater Houston. The Company is fully licensed by the Texas Public Utility Commission to resell telephone services throughout the State. The Company hopes eventual to expand its prepaid telecommunications product offerings into additional states in the future.

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