“Raise Your Vibration Now”!- A Perfect Guide to Ageing less, Detoxing and Manifesting Greatness

13 June, 2017 – When you raise your vibration you will gain a better understanding of how your body works from within from a holistic perspective. Not only will you live longer, healthier and happier but you will also connect you with inner self and gain a better relationship with yourself. No book explains the in details about the energies within your body better than “Raise Your Vibration Now”.

This is a life changing book by Dr. Niemah Nefertiti Royal that will help interested readers learn the step by step program that will assist their body, mind, and spirit feel AMAZING!  This much-needed book will help its readers understand how to use their manifestation abilities to attract GREATNESS into their lives, it also teaches its readers how to AGELESS by connecting, communicating and honoring your life force.

All proceeds from each book sold will go to the Global Water and Food Campaigns sponsored by the Forward Movement. So if you have a love for humanity and would love to see people operating at their highest selves, take positive steps towards “Raising Your Vibration Now”. Make a donation and receive this AMAZING INSPIRING BOOK!

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About the Author            

A Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Holistic Lover of Life and Love, A Minister, A Philosopher, Community and Global Leader, A Mother, and High Vibrational Light Being. Niemah Nefertiti Royal Ph.D., however D.D. is prolific and widely admired for her deep love for everything in existence. She spends most of her time a, however, he can with raising the vibration of the planet.

She has accomplished sharing her love by creating organizations that help people and communities across the globe. She will continue this work as the bearer of light, love, and truth because she has lovingly committed herself to her divine purpose. You can also connect with her and her global mission my visiting her website www.weareomg.com. She always says… We are LOVE now be that which you already are.


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