The Incredible, Infinite Storage Device, Flashsafe, Comes to the US

These guys are good with cloud storage and confidentiality. Flashsafe, the Russian start-up launched by Alex Churkin, is launching its infinite cloud data storage solution in the US. Flashsafe doubles up as a flash memory and an ‘infinite’ storage medium with completely anonymous and secure data stored on the cloud.

Flashsafe carries the dimensions of a regular flash device, but offers access via the internet to its own cloud servers, where the user can store anonymous data secured with bock chain crypto-tokens. The files can be kept for life in an unlimited, infinite storage space.

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Cloud storage apps are often a hassle to use due to their conventional user login features. In addition, there is always the fear of losing confidentiality while sharing files with people outside one’s group.

“This approach allowed us to forgo the traditional login, password, browser and e-mail in favor of a high level of safety, simplicity and convenience,” says Alexei Churkin, Flashsafe’s founder and CEO. “There’s no association between the user and the device ID. Files are stored in an encrypted format that cannot be attributed to any individual.”

Churkin’s revolutionary flash of creativity found echoes in social media when he presented the device to President Vladimir Putin at the Youth Educational Forum in 2015. The US version is an upgraded version which is compatible with 32-bit Windows and does not require any special download. The device uses SSL and RSA for encryption, and features a PIN code protection that is impossible to track.

In its simplest usage, Flashsafe is a handy 8GB internal memory. Used to its ultimate potential, it is like holding the power of the infinite right in the hands.

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