Grade A Amber takes a giant leap as 4Pure partners with Sawyer’s Maple Farm of Jackman, Maine for the largest order of maple syrup on record to be used as a sweetener in a food or beverage product.

4Pure, a Maine-based beverage company located in Cumberland, Maine—announces that they have developed the first commercially-produced organic lemonade sweetened with maple syrup. “Keeping it simple” is their motto, with only 4 organic ingredients in each bottle.  Supporting local is  an important mission for the brand.  “Our partnership with Sawyer’s Maple Farm in Jackman, Maine has been instrumental to paving new ground in the maple syrup industry,” states Will Boyle, 4Pure founder and Maine native. “Our goal is to open an entirely new market for maple syrup, taking it from the breakfast table to a mainstream sweetener that not only tastes amazing, but also is 100% natural and offers tremendous health benefits.” According to a recent article in TechTimes.com, scientific research has shown that pure maple syrup has anti-inflammatory properties while more studies continue to delve into the positive effects of natural products in preventing disease. For the first time ever pure maple syrup was part of the healthy food list that may provide promising protective effects to brain cells so as to fight damage associated with Alzheimer’s. 

4Pure is a clean beverage option for the health conscious consumer, particularly for parents teaching their children healthy eating habits. Boyle notes, “As a parent of two, I developed 4Pure’s unique blend of high quality ingredients with my children, Jacob and Audrey.”  Each of the three flavors (Pure Maple Lemonade, Raspberry Maple Lemonade and Blueberry Maple Lemonade) is made with purified water, organic maple syrup, organic lemon juice and an organic fruit puree for the berry flavors. What’s not in the 4Pure bottle?  A lot—in an entirely good way!  The product is organic, vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free with no additional sweeteners. Using maple syrup as the primary sweetener has created a lemonade that not only quenches your thirst, but also elevates the drinking experience with a light creamy texture that is smooth and far surpasses any other commercial lemonade.

In addition to forging their way in the beverage industry with a healthier sweetener, 4Pure is equally conscious about the environment and social responsibility. Their packaging is BPA free and 5% of their profits directly benefit local animal welfare organizations.

The potential to grow the Maine maple market is very exciting for 4Pure, which has already secured distribution across New England through several large Anheuser Busch and Miller Coors distribution channels.4Pure is all about keeping it simple and easy.  Simple ingredients create a healthy, great-tasting product, which informs an easy choice when deciding what beverage to put in your body. 4Pure is a firm believer in the saying “less is more,” and it comes through in their inspired lemonade.

For more about 4Pure, visit www.drink4pure.com.

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