Viral sensation impactful American Dream soars to the top of the chart with powerful history maker Bob Pressner

Bob Pressner has eight albums to his credit. A former Wall Street Trader, Pressner left his day job after a truck bomb was detonated in New York City in 1993 underneath the World Trade Center, eight years before 9/11.

Pressner has performed throughout the United States, and has been a regular featured artist for the XFINITYSessions on Comcast’s “Sessions at Willow Grove”. His music is authentic, honest, and gives his fans something to make “them think and reflect, something that’s different from the stuff that’s out there.”

Considered the “first great troubadour” since Paul Simon and James Taylor, Pressner puts the focus on creating music that has substantial and significant messages.  His melodies stick to your ribs and his words inspire. “American Dream” doesn’t differentiate from this, taking a hard look at the state of our country, and divisiveness surrounding the Trump presidency.

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Genre: Rock, Hot Rock Songs, Hot Singles Sales, Radio Songs, Rock Airplay, Rock Digital Songs, Rock Streaming Songs

Sub Genre: American Rock, Political Rock

Instrumentation: Lead vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, bass, drums, back up vocals

Rhythm & Tempo: 82 BPM, riff based electric guitar with rock and roll backbeat, electric guitar solo, hooky chorus

Descriptors: hook, american pride, american dream, trump, protest song, patriot, anthem rock, arena rock, political rock, Musical Development: Starts with a classic rock riff and explodes into a heavy melodic hook followed by lyrics drenched in reverb and passion. Guitar tones resemble the classic marshall stack anthem arena rock sound that gets people singing the chorus.

Lyric content inspires patriotism, political controversy


Bob Pressner’s ‘Everyman’ is a compelling journey into raw, heartfelt honesty” —

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