Ormond Beach Dentist Oana Mierloi DDS Incorporates New DEXIS CariVu Technology in Her Dental Practice

Ormond Beach, FL – A local Ormond Beach dentist, Oana Mierloi DDS, has added DEXIS CariVu technology to her practice to assist in detecting caries, or cavities.  Dr. Mierloi hopes that the new diagnostic tool will make her patients’ time in the dentist chair more comfortable, and allow her to detect more cavities in their early stages.

Many people falsely assume that because they don’t see or feel a cavity that they are cavity free. But interproximal decay, or decay between two teeth, can be difficult to spot with the human eye. And when a cavity is visible, the dentist needs to know the structure of the lesion so that it can be treated properly. Traditionally, this is done with X-rays, but many patients refuse radiation detection for a variety of reasons.

To help patients who may be uncomfortable with X-rays and to more accurately detect caries, Dr. Mierloi has implemented DEXIS CariVu technology in her general practice. Instead of using radiation, it uses near-infrared light to create a transilluminated image that shows where caries are and if they require further monitoring or immediate treatment.

Using the DEXIS CariVu is simple for both dentist and patient. The wand-like tool doesn’t require the patient’s teeth to be clean prior to use and doesn’t require the dental technician to know any complicated color codes that other imaging techniques require.

Like an X-ray, the DEXIS CariVu allows Dr. Mierloi and her team to see through a tooth’s enamel and easily spot caries. Because it’s just as accurate as a classic bitewing X-ray, the new tool can either be offered as an alternative or as a supplement to provide an even clearer diagnosis.

“Knowing that people can get apprehensive when it comes to thinking about the dentist, we do everything in our power to allay those fears and apprehensions,” a spokesperson for the Ormond Beach dentist writes on the practice’s website, available at http://ormonddentist.com

Dr. Mierloi hopes that by using the new DEXIS CariVu detection tool, she can better detect and treat the cavities of patients who may not have been comfortable with traditional X-rays before. The local Ormond Beach dentist hopes to continue introducing the latest cutting-edge technology to make a trip to the dentist more enjoyable and less scary for her patients.

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