Making Micro Transit a Successful Reality: DemandTrans is Changing the Way the World Moves

Demand Trans President Roger Teal is changing the way the world moves
By: Zoey Thompson

DemandTrans is leading the Smart Cities and flexible transportation technology revolution with its fully modularized Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. The company is announcing the successful expansion of its Micro Transit enabling platform, Mobility DR.

Chicago, IL – Imagine being able to schedule a public transportation service using a phone the way someone might schedule an Uber ride.   With the rise of “micro-transit” services, on-demand transportation options and apps are empowering cities with new solutions that make using public transit a more speedy and enjoyable experience.

This future public transportation model is being guided by intelligent transit firm, DemandTrans.   DemandTrans, powered but its vision to “Transform mobility to empower everyone,” has developed state-of-the-art technology and software applications that provide fully automated, fixed-to-flex cost-effective solutions.  Recognizing the importance of using real-time access to data to connect public transit with private providers in order to fill gaps in service areas, DemandTrans is effectively “blending” public and private transportation options to create agile, cost effective, on demand solutions for transit agencies across the nation.

“We have worked in this industry for many years creating software solutions that are capable of reducing cost and improving outcomes in public transportation,” says DemandTrans President Roger Teal. “Mobility DR is the result of understanding the needs of both transportation officials and their end users. We keep hearing the word ‘flexibility’ over and over and it has now become our primary focus.”

Mobility DR enables public transport providers to implement fully automated DRT/Flex services. The app’s automated optimization, scheduling and dispatching platform improves transit efficiency, reduces capital expenditures, and enhances agency service options. It is currently the only platform of its type in use that can transform virtually anything with wheels to an on-demand method of public transport, thus integrating a complex suite of micro-transit services into a seamlessly coordinated solution for public transit agencies.

The app had its initial launch in Denver, Colorado in 2009, where it was considered to be a great success. Following a series of significant enhancements, Mobility DR adoption by large cities across the US has increased by 350% in the last 12 months. “DemandTrans couldn’t be more encouraged by the positive feedback we are getting on Mobility DR,” says Teal.  “We’re not just making the rider happier with public transit; we’re cutting costs and increasing mobility flexibility at the same time.”

Mobile DR currently offers best-in-breed real time scheduling and optimization, and flexible, on-demand transit services through the app. With the success of its rollout in major cities, the company has announced that it is now pursuing the nation’s first live test of safe, smart, and secure autonomous vehicle integration into a public transit system in the Fall of 2017.

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